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    Time travel?


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    Time travel? Empty Time travel?

    Post by Ranna156

    i am just copying some of my thoughts here on the possibility of Bae time traveling and being here in this time in our world (and being Henry's father). These are comments I had saved from posting on the abc secrets page. Some of these were made before confirmation that August was Pinocchio...

    April 25, 2012 More thoughts on Bae and time travel:
    OK i am back to i don't know what the f to think about Bae. Gold seemed to think Bae would be around in this time period. Rump stated he had all the time in the world to make a 'curse' to bring people to our world...SOOO previously i said that if Bae came to our world in 1983 (or thereabouts) Rump could have made the curse so that it also brought the inhabitants of FTL to our world's 1983. However after pondering this a little more...we know of one person (Emma) for sure who ESCAPED the curse and possibly a second (August). Going with August also got in the wardrobe and he is Pino then those two should have come to our world at whatever the equivalent time frame would have been at the same time in FTL. I guess its also possible the wardrobe or the bean could have also done a time travel thing as well...but that is really moving into the realm of FARFETCHED and who would have known that is what would happen or if so how were they to know specifically when TIME. this is exactly why i hate time travel in stories since it is rarely (if ever) done well. So now i am back to Bae is dead, Gold is a wishful thinking moron, and Henry is possibly the son of a Bae descendant (and hence a Rump descendant). LOL

    you know given the sheer number of mistakes in this show (and like i have said several times before - time travel in stories is rarely done well...IF EVER), i think they are going to make Bae be Henry's dad. They will probably say that Rump made the curse to come to the time when Bae would have been here (since Rump said he had all the time in the world AND Gold for some reason thought it POSSIBLE that August could be his son). Although this scenario might make sense at first it doesn't explain how the two people who escaped the curse would end up in this time period. I keep bouncing between Bae is dead and Bae is Henry's dad. I just hope whatever Bae's story is is that it makes sense and is believable...

    And if it was the bean that sent Bae to the future there are a lot of problems with that as how did Rump know that it was send them to the future compared to FTL time? How did know what year it would have been? How did he know he would be able to create a curse in time?....aaahhhh I hope he isn't Henry's father...nothing makes any darn sense with him being the dad other than its entirely possible that we will meet him and not know that we met him...I hope Henry's dad is a descendant of Bae...

    And lastly for the time moves a little differently theory...ok...that one i like the best...BUT here are some numbers i ran based on a 200 year time span from losing Bae to enacting the curse and now i don't like this one any more either. At a 200yr(FTL):1yr(OW) which is a 200:1 ratio Bae would be 15.5 yrs old when P & Em come through. Bae would be 33.5 when he impregnates a 17-18 yr old Emma and would currently be 43.5. This also means that for every minute that Pinocchio spent in our world before Emma came through that 200 minutes passed in FTL...not exactly believable. Sorry folks and it just gets worse in one way or another after this... At 5 yrs passing in our world that would be a 40:1 ratio so 40 mins would pass for every one min in FTL. Still a little high for Pino and Emma...since at 5 mins passing that would be 200 mins in FTL...maybe...Bae would have been 19.5 when P and E came through. 37 and impregnating a 17-18 yr old and 47 currently. 10 years - 20:1 ratio - 5mins (OW) = 100 mins FTL. possibly...definitely believable with the wardrobe entries...however...Bae is now 24.5 when P & E come through, 42.5 impregnating a 17-18 yr old Emma, and currently 52.5. 20 years - 5:1 ratio - 10mins (OW) = 50mins (FTL) definitely believable since we don't know how long Pino was knocked out for...could have been a few mins to a few hours i guess...Bae age when they came through is 34.5 and would be 52.5 impregnating a 17-18 year old and currently 62.5.


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    Post on Sat Nov 03, 2012 7:25 pm by cuddlyasatiger

    There's so much talk of time travel again! I, too, hope the writer's don't go there. I'd be much happier with a farfetched magical explanation than a time travel line ninja

    Post on Wed Aug 15, 2012 9:51 pm by Ranna156


    Post on Fri Aug 03, 2012 11:34 pm by LZenOUT

    Gotta agree - time travel is rarely done well. I normally hate it. Rare exceptions are 'Ground Hog Day' and things done in that light. Time loops I can deal with and those can be done in an interesting manner, but straight time travel just gets messy and ridiculous.

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    Post on Fri Aug 03, 2012 10:45 pm by Ranna156

    lol...I agree that they might not think that hard on these things...i am an engineer...and some of this deals with numbers...i can't help it! Its in my nature/blood/whatever to question these things! Smile

    But I agree it probably will be farfetched...but as for theories...not going to these areas as I just have too many issues with it! you have your pet peeves well time travel glitches is one of mine! haha

    Post on Fri Aug 03, 2012 10:33 pm by LZenOUT

    I hate to be the pessimist, but...the writers don't do those sort of exercises. They'll do something farfetched and we'll have no choice but to accept it. I've come to terms with this sort of thing with the show. I don't particularly like it, but there's still enough of the personal relationships that I can enjoy.

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