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    So you want to visit Storybrooke?


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    So you want to visit Storybrooke?

    Post by Ranna156

    On a recent trip to 'Storybrooke' I found out (the hard way) the following:

    1.) They do NOT film in the Steveston (Storybrooke) village on Thursday thru Sunday. There is an agreement between the town and show and so they do not film during those times.

    2.) Typically they tend to film the Storybrooke town scenes every two to three weeks. The local businesses are made aware of the schedule beforehand so if you are wanting to go there try calling up one of the businesses and see if they know yet if they will be filming the following week. Usually the next weeks schedule comes out on the prior Friday.

    3.) When filming in 'Storybrooke' most of the scenes shot are the 'outdoor' scenes. The show puts up 'fake' fronts in most cases and when you actually see the inside of a place (Granny's for instance) that is actually shot at their studios. There are a couple of places where they actually shoot inside the establishment but for the most part all of the indoor scenes are shot elsewhere.

    4.) Gary Point Park is where they shot the 'Henry's Castle Playground' scenes. The playground was all set and so is no longer there in the park, but the park is in walking distance from the main center of town.

    5.) The forest scenes, the mayors mansion, and some of the other scenes are also filmed elsewhere and not in Steveston. Steveston filming is basically anything you see on 'Storybrooke' Main Street...but not always the inside portion of the scene! Wink The 'mayor's mansion' is located in Vancouver and the 'jail' is located in Fort Langley!

    6.) As previously stated they do not film on Thursday thru Sunday. On the weeks that they do film in 'Storybrooke' Monday is usually the 'setup' and the actual filming takes place on Tuesday &/or Wednesday! Tuesday is probably your best bet if you want to catch actual filming. Be prepared for crowds, but from all accounts of the locals I spoke with the actors are very friendly and will come out and talk with the viewers/fans...especially Robert Carlyle...

    Below are listed some MUST STOPS if you find yourself in the town of Storybrooke and also some other good sites for information!

    Note: My experience in Steveston was great! It is an extremely friendly town with a little something for everyone! My friend whom I dragged with me and doesn't watch the show or really know anything about fairytales also really enjoyed the town. She has also decided that when her out of town family visits her again this is where she will bring them if they want to go to Canada! Wink

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    Post on Sun Aug 26, 2012 1:12 am by Ranna156

    Ok...really...your FIRST stop anywhere should probably be the Visitors Center! Right? The Visitors Center/Museum also doubles as the Storybrooke Post Office!

    Well I stopped there and they had some great info plus maps of the area! Currently they don't offer a 'Storybrooke' tour...but they will give you PLENTY of info! Wink

    One of the AWESOME sights I got from here is this:

    This will tell you much better than I ever could about all the wonderful places various scenes and landmarks are filmed in Once Upon a Time!


    Post on Sun Aug 26, 2012 1:12 am by Ranna156

    If you find yourself in Storybrooke you HAVE to stop at Sara's Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor!

    Out of all the businesses so far filmed in 'Storybrooke' the signs were changed...but the sign for this shop was actually left alone since it was 'general' enough not to need 'remaking'! So anytime you actually see the Sara's Ice Cream sign know that is a REAL store in 'Storybrooke'! Rumor also has it that Jared Gilmore is one of the regular customers there! Wink....(ooh to be so young and be able to eat all the ice cream you can! Wink) Trust me...a trip to 'Storybrooke' for this ice cream alone is worth it! DO NOT MISS IT!!!

    I met a young Kate and a younger Kate and they both love the show PLUS they have started the Fairy Tale Flavors for some of the ice cream they make! I tried the Ruby Red (cinnamon) & Prince Charming (ginger pomegranate)!!! Both were very delicious!!! They have a nice window painting depicting the flavors...and some thought REALLY went into the creation of these flavors! Also they are trying to get the show people (actors, directors, etc) to sign their window display of the Fairy Tale Flavors. At the time of my visit only one person had signed...Peter Pan...who is one of the directors and that actually is his name (minus maybe a syllable or two Wink) Although it never hurts to wish that we REALLY will see the Peter Pan character!

    Here is a link to their website (currently under construction at the time of writing this) and some photos i took! Keep in mind I am NOT the greatest window photographer!

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    Post on Sun Aug 26, 2012 1:11 am by Ranna156

    The Steveston Hotel...which is attached to The Buck and Ear! Well...if you need a place to stay you should check out the Steveston Hotel! As far as I saw that was the only hotel in town! Also the Buck and Ear just HAPPENS to be the place where they film 'The Rabbit Hole' scenes (remember the Valentines Day episode...where the girls go out to a bar!!!). Even if you don't need a place to stay and you are just making a road trip to Steveston then this is a great address to punch into the GPS! It is located right at the top of Main...I mean Moncton street and is a stone's throw away from Gary Point Park! You can actually see the sign for Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop from some of the window's!....Oh and the prices are EXTREMELY reasonable! Wink

    The only thing I would recommend to the place is maybe come up with some 'fairy tale themed drinks'! I use to bartend and am thinking SOMETHING with Makers Mark...Angry Orchard apple cider...and Drambouie MIGHT make a good combo! Heck I think we should start hosting a 'tender's night' on this site and come up with some Fairy Tale themed drinks and submit the recipes to them! HaHa

    Note: PLEASE don't drink and drive ~from EVERYONE!

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    Post on Sun Aug 26, 2012 1:10 am by Ranna156

    You CAN NOT miss The Candy Dish (hello - candy; chocolate; fudge...need I say more)!

    Although so far this shop has not been filmed yet in Storybrooke the owner has come up with a very nice brochure to be had for a small donation! All donations go to the local food bank AND you can also buy gift items with a 'Storybrooke' themed gift tag attached! The brochure is kind of a 'map/guide' on the various shops in town that 'double' as a Storybrooke site!

    This shop has also started some Fairy Tale themed treats! At the time of my visit they only had was the Snow White fudge! A bubble gum flavored fudge that is very unique and quite tasty in my opinion!

    The owner (Shirley Hartwell) is also extremely knowledgeable about what is going one in the town and where to go! Here are some of the sites she mentioned to me to visit!

    From the above site you can get to their magazine issues. The May 2012 issue did a write up on the show Once Upon a Time!

    Also a couple of other good resources for what is going on in the area are Richmond news sites! Do a search for 'Once Upon a Time' and you can find the articles related to the show! Wink

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