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    Ranna's August 2012 trip to 'Storybrooke'


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    Ranna's August 2012 trip to 'Storybrooke'

    Post by Ranna156

    On Thursday August 23rd I drove up to 'Storybrooke'! They were not filming during my stay (see why in the 'so you want to visit Storybrooke page, but I still couldn't help but feel like I was in a real life game of Clue trying to find clues to just what exactly will happen during the second season of my new favorite show Once Upon a Time!

    The Buck & Ear:

    Info: The Buck and Ear is the name of a real Bar & Grill in Steveston, BC. This bar 'doubles' as The Rabbit Hole as seen in episode 1.12 Skin Deep. The door you see leading to the 'Rabbit Hole' is also located in Steveston but doesn't actually go 'down' anywhere and the inside of the 'Rabbit Hole' is actually filmed inside the Buck & Ear!


    * There is suppose to be two more episodes in Season 2 where scenes will take place inside the 'Rabbit Hole'!

    * They will be doing a Pod Cast at the Steveston Hotel next week!

    Door to 'The Rabbit Hole' (the sign was gone when I was there):

    Outside the Buck & Ear:

    Inside the Buck & Ear:

    Sara's Old Fashioned Ice Cream:

    Info: This is a real store in Steveston and might be the only one where they don't actually change the sign during filming.

    Scoops I learned here from Young Kate & Younger Kate:

    * A couple of weeks ago Storybrooke was made to look like a disaster had hit the town! The 'set' was so well done and looked so real that people were wondering what had happened until they remembered that 'Storybrooke' filming was probably going on! Wink

    * On one of the filming days Charming/David and Mr. Gold were seen walking & talking heading down the street. They eventually head in to 'Granny's'. Charming was wearing the Sheriff's badge.

    * Eion Bailey who plays the adult Pinocchio/August Booth has not been seen on any of the town sets.

    * On one of the filming days Mr. Gold was seen beating up Belle's dad again (Moe French/Sir Maurice) with his cane outside of the Prickly Pear (they renamed it...something with Thorns in the name).


    My interpretations:

    The Prickly Pear (which is a garden center in Steveston) is going to be the store front for the Storybrooke store Game of Thorns. I am also now more than ever inclined to think that when the Evil Queen told Rumplestiltskin the story about Belle being locked in a tower by her father it had a LOT of truth to it!

    Interesting also to note that Mr. Gold is apparently still using his cane (I also double checked after thinking about this and yes any time Mr. Gold has been seen in Storybrooke he is using his cane). So I guess with magic coming it doesn't cure Mr. Gold's limp! ;( I wonder what this means for Pinocchio?!?!?! Also I did learn that the majority of the indoor scenes are not shot at the Steveston establishment... they are filmed elsewhere...soooo maybe just maybe we do see August/Pinocchio sooner rather than later???? Maybe he is just bedridden from being turned into a block of wood...OR even more unfortunately but probably more likely he is STILL a block of wood!

    Here are some pictures I took of the various establishments mentioned above:

    The Prickly Pear:

    Info: Pretty sure we will see this establishment as the store front for the Storybrooke store Game of Thorns!


    * Last week (August 21-22) during filming at the Prickly Pear/Game of Thorns, Prince Charming, Red, & Mr. Gold were all seen walking over and over into the Prickly Pear.

    * They will be filming again at the Prickly Pear on August 28th.

    Here are some photos I took:

    Storybrooke Country Bread:

    Info: I am not sure what the real name of this store is as the Storybrooke sign was still up...It really is a bread store though and the bread is delicious!

    This is the store where you will see the 'wheels'. Turns out that the big wheel we see (which kind of resembles the wheel seen in LOST) was actually part of the original store. It belongs to the owner. Interesting how it worked out to be such a cool 'LOST easter egg'!


    * If you ever see someone calling out 'Fresh Bread...get your Fresh Bread' during an episode it will actually be the real owner of the bread store doing that! Wink

    Here are some of the photos of the bread store and the wheels:

    Well that is pretty much it on the scoops I found but here are some random pictures I took of the town and Gary Point Park. Some of them are easily recognizable, some might look familiar if they 'double' but get a different store front for the show, and others...who knows maybe at some point they will make their way into the show...

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