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    Snow White/Mary Margaret


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    Snow White/Mary Margaret

    Post by cuddlyasatiger

    Birthname: Snow White
    FTL Persona: Snow White
    Storybrooke Persona: Mary Margaret Blanchard
    Nickname or Pseudonyms: Snow
    Born: In FTL, about 28 years before The Curse
    Death: Alive
    Last Seen: In FTL
    Characteristics: Mild-mannered but still capable of kicking butt, Loving, Kind
    Fairytale Origin: Snow white
    Memorable quote(s): "Don't care. 'Charming' suits you."
    "If people are suppose to be together, they find a way."

    Snow: She says I ruined her life.
    Charming: Did you?
    Snow: Yes.

    (speaking of one night stands)
    David/Charming: Whale!?!
    Mary Margaret/Snow White: We were cursed!!!

    Major Mysteries or Questions: Where did she get the book? Which kingdom was she vowing to "take back"? From which fairy did she get the dark fairy dust?

    TopicFairy Tale Land/Other World Storybrooke/Our World
    Significant Other(s)CharmingDavid Nolan
    Mothername unknown; Regina Mills (stepmother)N/A
    FatherKing LeopoldN/A
    OccupationFugitive/ThiefGrade school teacher
    Sexual EncountersCharmingDr. Whale; David Nolan
    Short Biography:

    Snow White is a princess in FTL, the daughter of King Leopold. Her mother, beloved of Leopold, died when she was very young. When she is about ten or twelve years old, Regina Mills saves her from a runaway horse, and as a thank you Leopold marries her to give young Snow a mother. However, Regina did not want this marriage since she was in love with another, but Snow unwittingly betrays Regina to her mother, Cora Mills, who then murders Regina's love. As Snow grows up Regina's hatred for her also grows, culminating in the murder of Leopold and an attempt to murder Snow. The Huntsman sent to murder Snow lets her escape after she hands him a letter for Regina forgiving her for her odious actions. Snow is labeled a wanted fugitive, and must steal, hunt, and live off the land to survive. When she ambushes a royal carriage and steals a pouch of jewelry, the owner of the jewelry, Charming, goes after her. As she escapes him, he vows that he will find her and he does. She agrees to get his ring back from the trolls she sold it to in exchange for everything else in the pouch, which will be enough money to allow her to move to another kingdom where she is not hunted. Snow defeats the trolls by using dark fairy dust, and she and Charming go their separate ways. Just before his wedding Red brings her a letter from him professing his undying love and asking her to come to King George's castle (where he lives as his son) if she feels the same. She goes but is captured by King George who coerces her into telling Charming that she doesn't love him. This hurts Snow deeply, but she says it anyway to save Charming's life. She escapes the dungeon with Grumpy, one of a group of dwarves. He invites her to come live them since she is once again a fugitive. She does, but she stops by Rumplstiltskin's place to trade a hair from her head (which he uses along with one of Charming's to create the True Love potion) for a vial of Forgetfulness potion. She takes the potion despite protests from her friends and decides she must kill the Evil Queen. Rumplestiltskin also gives her the bow that never misses, which she intends to use on the Queen. Charming saves her from committing this act which would have turned her as evil as the Queen, but she doesn't remember him. After he takes the arrow meant for the Queen, she begins to love him again and remembers who he is. It's too late, King George's men have caught up to Charming and capture him. Snow plans an attack on the castle with her friends to save Charming. She learns the Queen is there and realizes it's a trap, but continues with her rescue anyway. The Queen uses Charming to make Snow take a bite of the poisoned apple. Charming escapes the Queen, only to find Snow in a glass coffin seemingly dead. He kisses her one last time she wakes up and a darkness is lifted from the land. They are engaged and vow to "take back the kingdom". On their wedding day, the Evil Queen barges in and vows to curse them by taking away all the happy endings and sending them all to a far away land. Snow becomes pregnant, and her anxiety about the Queen's threat grows. She convinces Charming they need to visit Rumplestiltskin, whom they helped to capture, in his underground prison. He tells them the key to breaking the Evil Queen's curse is their unborn child, Emma. Snow and Charming set up a war council to prepare for the Queen's curse, and have Gepetto carve a wardrobe from an enchanted tree intended to send a pregnant Snow into our world just ahead of the curse. But Snow goes into labor just as Gepetto finishes the wardrobe. Charming fights his way to get Emma in there - without Snow. As the curse hits them, Snow is kneeling next to an unconscious Charming with Evil Queen standing over her.

    In Storybrooke, Mary Margaret Blanchard is a mild-mannered grade school teacher. Lonely but bright Henry Mills is one of her students. He's the adopted son of Regina and the biological son of Emma, making him Snow White's grandson, however, Mary Margaret is unaware of their familial ties as she is unaware that she is Snow White. She gives Henry the book of fairy tales though she doesn't remember how she got it, and he tells her he thinks she is Snow White. It is her credit card he steals to find and get to Emma in Boston. This, her friendship with Emma once she arrives in Storybrooke, and the fact she really is Snow White make her a target for Regina in Storybrooke. Henry convinces Mary Margaret to read to coma patient John Doe (David Nolan aka Charming) and he awakens from his coma. They become friends, however, Regina "discovers" David's wife, Kathryn Nolan. David and Mary Margaret have an affair, which she feels guilty about and eventually convinces David they must tell Kathryn about. But David lies to Kathryn and Regina ends up telling her. Kathryn confronts Mary Margaret at the school causing a public scandal. Soon after, Kathryn disappears allegedly murdered and Mary Margaret stands accused of the crime. David has a moment of doubt about her innocence and it stings Mary Margaret to her core. When she is acquitted after Kathryn suddenly reappears, she refuses to continue her relationship with David. When the curse breaks she remembers her Charming, though, and they embrace on the street. They are still embracing when a purple cloud engulfs Storybrooke.

    In the aftermath of the curse breaking, Snow White (Mary Margaret) wants nothing more than to have a full reunion with her daughter, Emma. She is hurt and doesn't understand when Emma is reluctant to acknowledge Snow and Charming as her parents. However, her motherly instincts are in full force and she jumps into the hat when Emma is inadvertently pulled in.

    Played By:
    Adult Snow: Ginnifer Goodwin

    Young Snow: Bailee Madison

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    Post on Sat Oct 06, 2012 7:28 pm by Ranna156

    We were cursed - haha LOVE it!

    Post on Sat Oct 06, 2012 6:16 pm by Ranna156

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