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    How to post a scroll box


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    How to post a scroll box

    Post by cuddlyasatiger on Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:16 am

    * This is HTML code, so there's not a button for it and may disappear if you toggle editor modes.
    * HTML code uses <> not [] like the buttons, that's BBCode.
    * You can do this in the quick reply box, but why?

    This feature is for use on posts that take up your entire screen (or more). Most likely, this will be used for fan fiction, parodies, and elaborate theories. Feel free to add this to someone's post whenever the get particularly long-winded.

    At the beginning of what you want in the box put this code:

    <div style="height:200px;width:550px;overflow:scroll;">
    (There is a space between 'div' and 'style')

    Note: Do NOT make it any wider than 600 pixels. It won't fit in the post window after you hit send.

    At the end of what you want in the box put:


    So your post will look like this using the code above:

    Can we see both the x and y axis... axises... ??? :afraid: Holy Macaroni Batman, what is the plural of axis? And here I was thinking I was going to incite horrific flashbacks to high school algebra class. NO, it's nightmares of grammar!!! pale study Now, I have to go look it up. Why, oh why, must I try to know everything? I am aware it's a hopeless cause, my brain isn't big enough. I am of the opinion, however, that knowing where or from whom to get the answer is just as good as knowing the answer yourself. So I don't have to know it all, I just need to know who does.

    But seriously, if you make this thing too wide, the up-down scroll is off that >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    side of the screen. (At least on my computer it is.) This also means that the right arrow on the left-right scroll is not on the screen.

    I think that side >>>> is the right side anyway. Maybe it is the left arrow since it makes it move left <<<>> is right, right? Oh dear. My dyslexia is kicking in.

    Fun facts about dyslexia:
    1. It is a processing issue, not a vision issue. Meaning dyslexics' neurons fire diagonally, while most people's neurons fire vertically. In other words, our wires are literally crossed.
    2. Things can be heard dyslexically. For example, you might say: Empty the dishwasher, then fill the tub. And I will hear: Empty the tub, then fill the dishwasher.
    3. It helps to read lighter words off a darker page, like in this forum. It helps even more if the text is written in a pastel color. (This is actually true for everyone, the contrast is much easier on your eyes.)
    4. And lastly, but IMPORTANTLY: Most dyslexics cannot tell left from right!

    Okay, I think this is long enough now. And I bet you read the whole thing, just waiting for some marvelous point, expecting it to be deep and ponderous. Well, it's about as deep and ponderous as Charlie Brown! rabbit

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