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    rra615, rer156, & ranna156


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    rra615, rer156, & ranna156

    Post by Ranna156 on Wed Oct 10, 2012 12:32 am

    Ok everyone I am NOT rra615 & she is not me! HAHA

    At least 4 people have asked me if that was me and we are not the same person!

    let me tell you the story of my username...I started posting on the ABC secrets page and when i registered it asked for a username and email. I tried making my username Anna but it was taken so then i tried Anna with some numbers and it was still taken...then i did Ranna156 and it was good to go. However at first it did NOT use the username I used some part of the email I had entered and I was posting as rer156.

    Enter was confusing to people...i even confused myself a few times seeing her post and thinking 'i don't remember writing that' and then realizing it wasn't me after all. haha fun times!

    Then ABC page is updated with some new features and all of a sudden the username I had entered previously starts to show on my new posts. Therefore you will see people refer to me as rer or ranna or rhi (so if you see someone post to any of those 3 names (rer, ranna, rhi) they are talking to me).

    There IS a rer156 registered as a member on here and that is me as well. I usually only post with that name when testing something. I test things with a member account because I am an admin on this site and things appear differently to me and I have permissions that a member wouldn't. A member will see things and have permissions a guest wouldn't... anyway rer156 IS me as well but rra615 is her own person.

    Hope this clears up any confusion! Wink


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