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    How to quote


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    How to quote

    Post by cuddlyasatiger on Tue Oct 23, 2012 12:04 am

    To quote:

    • For a post you can hit the "Quote" button below the post.

      If there are multiple quotes in the post you want to quote, but you only want to quote the last post, make sure to leave the very first quote= code and the very last /quote code.

      The post looks like this:
      Ranna wrote:
      eclectic wrote:
      cuddlyasatiger wrote:Hunted Swan until there's a SwanHood!
      Mad Swan forever!
      Wooden Swan. That's all there is!

      The code looks like this:
      [quote="Ranna"][quote="eclectic"][quote="cuddlyasatiger"]Hunted Swan until there's a SwanHood![/quote] Mad Swan forever! [/quote] Wooden Swan.  That's all there is![/quote]

      You only want to respond to Ranna. When you click quote you would erase the code from
      [quote="eclectic"] to the second [/quote]

      What's left should look like this:
      [quote="Ranna"] Wooden Swan.  That's all there is! [/quote]

      And will appear as this in the post:
      Ranna wrote: Wooden Swan. That's all there is!

    • Or you can use the "Quote" button above the reply box.

      If you wan to quote an article or something else and would like to have the author listed above the quote, then your code needs to look like this:
      Remember the quotation marks.

      I want to quote something from said on August 11, 2012 and I want the date to show, so I would also put that inside the quotation marks. My code would look like this in the reply box:
      [quote=" on August 11, 2012"]Spoiler, spoiler. Season 2 spoiler.[/quote]

      And would show up like this in the post: on August 11, 2012 wrote:Spoiler, spoiler. Season 2 spoiler.

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