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    Post by Ranna156

    Children of the Moon
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    Children of the Moon (aka werewolves) come out in the light of the full moon & can rip a man to shreds in seconds. Both men & women can become werewolves, as it can be passed through a bite (with something else happening later for full conversion...implied to be intercourse between the convertor and the 'bitten' or something else of a sexual nature between the two) or from parentage. It’s also possible that while in their human form, the person can be clueless as to what their true nature is or what they have done while in wolf form.

    It is implied (at least for female werewolves) that changing into a wolf is linked to their menstrual cycle. Red started turning into a werewolf when she hit puberty & Granny's (who is post menopausal) wolf has faded with time. Changing into a wolf is only possible during a full moon and it is known as Wolfs-time. Wolfs-time only happens once a month, and luckily for the unsuspecting female wolf it only lasts 3 nights rather than 7! It is unknown how early male werewolves will start to change or if they will lose their ‘wolf’ over time as well.

    Werewolves enjoy enhanced senses of smell, sight, sound, & tracking abilities even when not in wolf form. It’s been shown (as with Red & Granny), that the change can be controlled through magic. A silver tipped arrow will drop a werewolf in a heart-beat. Also, it is has been shown that if you can learn to accept the wolf then you can control the wolf, and will also remember what you did as a wolf. Red learned this from her mother Anita, and was able control the wolf. By accepting her humanness and her wolf side, Red truly became both. She was able to use the wolf to protect her friends and also use it against her enemies. Lastly Granny made a statement that the color red repels wolves, but it was implied that she was only saying that to coerce Red to wear her magical red cloak.

    First seen in Episode 115 - Red Handed

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    Post on Tue Nov 13, 2012 3:12 am by Ranna156

    Anyone know if there is anything missing on the werewolves? Feel like we got more info in Child of the Moon than is in here! Wink

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