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    Ogres, Dragons, and Trolls...OH MY!!!


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    Ogres, Dragons, and Trolls...OH MY!!!

    Post by Ranna156

    Ogres are incredibly dangerous creatures and apparently do not play nice with others as seen by there being several Ogre Wars. Ogres are blind, therefore they hunt by sound and probably smell. Mulan says something like “they say the last thing you see before you are killed by an ogre is your own reflection in their sightless eyes.” An arrow (or assuming something similar) to the eye is the only way to kill them, but if a shooter can make this shot it will fell this beast quickly.

    First seen in Episode 203 - Lady of the Lake

    Dragons are true beasts! They fly, breathe fire, and are enormous. They have been known to terrorize kingdoms by burning and eating people and livestock. They typically make their homes in dark caverns and are difficult to defeat, as many brave knights have unfortunately discovered when burned alive in their armor. However they can be defeated as seen when Prince Charming, using his sheep herding tactics, managed to defeat one of these dragons by chopping its head off! Charming was also able to toss a giant egg into Maleficent's dragon form and escape her fire unscathed. Unfortunately for Maleficent, Emma Swan killed her years later, by throwing her father’s sword into her dragon belly!

    First seen in Episode 106 - The Shepherd

    Trolls are brutish, ugly, thuggish creatures who generally live under bridges. Snow White was known to deal with them back when she robbed unwary travelers along the Troll Road. They’re strong, surprisingly swift, and excellent climbers. Trolls don't like horses or Royals. Snow claims they will chop your hand off sooner than they will shake it.

    First seen in Episode 103 - Snow Falls
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