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    Post by Ranna156

    Fairies of the Enchanted Forest
    Very little is known about these fairies and even less is known about what makes them good or bad. Here is what we know so far!
    On the presumed 'good' side we have seen Rheul Ghorm or the 'Blue Fairy', a Fairy Godmother, a novice fairy named Nova, and a bunch of other colorful fairies attacking King George's palace.Unknown at this time.
    SPECIFICS:Fairies have wings, are female, and can change size. They live somewhere in the clouds or above the world and spend very little time actually 'in' the Enchanted Forest/Fairy Tale Land. Unknown at this time, but presumed to be female.
    ORIGIN:Unknown - Rheul Ghorm is referred to as the 'Original Power' but it is not known where the other fairies came from or how they come about.Unknown - We know 'bad' fairies exist but it is unknown where they come from or if they were once 'good' fairies and something happened to make them 'bad' fairies.
    LIFESPAN: Presumed to be immortal - at least the Blue Fairy appears to be immortal. Unknown about the others.Unknown at this time.
    FAIRY DUST: Fairy Tell Time! Gooddust Fairy Tell Time! Baddust
    This fairy dust is made from crushed diamonds that the dwarves mine. It was said by the Blue Fairy to be the most precious substance in all the land as it powers the world. It was also said by Nova to Dreamy that it gives light to the world.It is unknown where this fairy dust comes from, but it was said by Snow White that it is very hard to come by. She also said something like:"This stuff is deadly...transforms even the most fearsome of adversaries into a form that is easily squashed." We saw Snow use it on some trolls in 'Snow Falls' where it transformed them into little beetle like bugs.
    FAIRY WANDS:Little is known about the fairy wands: Where do they come from? What are they made of? Who gets them? We saw the Blue Fairy & a Fairy God Mother with a fairy wand but did not see the novice fairy, Nova, with a wand. It’s been stated by Cinderella that a fairy wand is "pure magic", but that was countered by Rumplestiltskin saying it was "pure evil". He went to great lengths to obtain one as well, so it appears that they aren't easy to come by.
    We don't even know if the bad fairies have or use wands or if something else replaces a staff...
    RANKING:We know that the Blue Fairy is the head of all the fairies. It also is implied that a Fairy Godmother is a rank to work towards. We have seen various colors and different styles of 'fairy dress'. However, it is unknown if the colors or style of dress mean anything, or are indicative of your rank in any way. Basically from what we have seen the order from highest to lowest is Blue Fairy ---> FGM ---> Novice.
    Unknown if there is a ranking or order among the bad fairies.
    ROLE:The fairies handle and take charge of the fairy dust that powers the world. It appears that the fairies are fairly neutral amongst the kingdoms and inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest as we haven't seen them interfere in wars or personal grievances – EXCEPTIONS: We saw the Blue Fairy lead a fairy attack on King George's palace as a FAVOR to Grumpy. That was the ONLY time we saw the Fairies outwardly attack or harm anyone. The Blue Fairy also cast a spell on a quill to try and trap Rumplestiltskin. However, he made one of her fairies go poof, and we know they have a history so… not sure that really counts as taking sides. When it was known that the Dark Curse was going to be enacted, the Blue Fairy took measures to help ensure that the savior would be safe and was willing to lie, albeit reluctantly, to make it happen. It is unclear what a FTL resident must do to get their own FGM as seen with Cinderella. The Blue Fairy has appeared to several people wishing or calling for her help as seen with Jiminy & Baelfire respectively. She also appeared to Geppetto, when he thought he had lost his enchanted puppet son Pinocchio, and turned Pinocchio into a real boy. She has also appeared before people to ask them not to do something that might cause 'harm' to one of her fairies as seen with Dreamy when she stated that Nova would lose her wings if she went off with him.
    Unknown if they have a specific role or if they do what it is.
    LOVE:It has been implied but never explicitly stated that fairies shouldn't give in to their 'selfish' desires of love. The Blue Fairy told Dreamy that if Nova ran off with him she would lose her wings. In Storybrooke all the fairies are nuns. A nuns life is one of sacrifice, chastity, and dedication to their order and it is assumed that a fairies life is similar and that they must remain chaste and dedicated, while sacrificing their personal desires and feelings for others.Unknown, but it is questionable if a 'fallen' good fairy becomes a 'bad' fairy.
    • It was stated by Rumplestitltskin that the fairy magic (specifically of the Blue Fairy) does not mix well with what he has.
    • It is not clear what losing their wings will do to a fairy or more specifically how or why they would/could lose their wings.
    • Mr. Gold claimed to have a long history with the nuns. Assume he really meant the fairies and wondering if there is even more than what we have already seen!
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    Post on Tue Nov 06, 2012 7:47 am by Ranna156

    Ok so we know that the fairies don't spend much time in that world or on that world...that whole conversation between Dreamy and Nova was a little ambiguous. What if they can move between the magical realms? And what if humans can become fairies somehow? What if Morraine became a fairy (Tinkerbell????) and she goes and spends her time in Neverland...we know (from the original PP story anyway) that wherever and whatever the fairy dust is made from in Neverland it can get people to OW...SOOOOO maybe Morraine becomes a fairy, heads to Neverland, then makes it to OW and finds Bae and then they go back to NL and Bae is PP. Maybe it took Morraine a couple of years to find Bae...maybe when she did she found him with a pregnant wife who then proceeds to die in Bae then heads to NL with her but he has offspring...what if that offspring eventually leads to NEAL!!!!!! haha...i think i should put this in the fanfiction section!

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