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    Post by cuddlyasatiger

    Geppetto/Marco ImagesqtbnANd9GcSstUvaOTUa-qu59e114IvqVhFUittDZJiAITucsB5u7jrApPFj

    Birthname: Geppetto
    FTL Persona: Geppetto
    Storybrooke Persona: Marco
    Nickname or Pseudonyms:
    Born: In FTL
    Last Seen: In Storybrooke
    Characteristics: Loving, Devoted, Skilled woodworker
    Fairytale Origin: Pinocchio
    Memorable quote(s): "Sometimes you have to lie protect the people you love."
    "But you kept your promise and you tried to fix it. If I had a son that would be enough for me."

    Major Mysteries or Questions: Why did Rump want his parents as puppets? Will there be consequences from his disobedience of the Blue Fairy and deception along with the Blue Fairy to the War Council to send Pinocchio in the wardrobe instead of one of Emma's parents?

    TopicFairy Tale Land/Other World Storybrooke/Our World
    Spousesname unknownname unknown
    Significant Other(s)his wifehis wife
    ChildrenPinocchio (turned real from puppet)N/A
    Sexual Encountershis wifehis wife
    Short Biography:

    When Geppetto was a boy, his loving parents were turned into puppets by a potion from Rumplestiltskin and given to them by Jiminy's dishonest parents. The Blue Fairy turns Jiminy into a cricket so he can be the now orphaned Geppetto's companion. Geppetto grows up a good person and marries, but he and his wife are never able to have children. To fill this void in their life, Geppetto carves a boy puppet from wood which the Blue Fairy eventually turns into a real boy, Pinocchio. After the Evil Queen vows to curse FTL, Geppetto is asked to build a wardrobe from an enchanted tree in order to save Snow White and her unborn baby, Emma. He agrees only on the condition that Pinocchio can the other of the two people the wardrobe will be capable of saving from the curse. The Blue Fairy acquiesces and tells the War Council the wardrobe can only save one. When Emma is born early, the Blue Fairy argues with Geppetto saying Snow must go with her baby, but Geppetto is adamant. He sends Pinocchio through just minutes before the Dark Curse.

    In Storybrooke, Marco is the town handyman and owner of Marine Garage, he and his wife have not been able to have any children. (Marco has no recollection of Pinocchio.) His best friend is Archie Hopper (Jiminy Cricket). A stranger, August W. Booth (Pinocchio) who has been staying in town for awhile, comes by Marco's shop and offers to help him with his work for a few days.

    Played By: Tony Amendola

    Geppetto/Marco IMDb

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    Post on Wed Oct 03, 2012 10:09 am by Ranna156

    Thanks for catching that! Should be fixed now! Wink

    Post on Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:55 am by rra615

    gepetto knows that jiminy turned his parents into puppets- he makes a comment in the episode where we find out august is pinocchio, jiminy tries to be his conscious and tell him its wrong to send pinocchio in the wardrobe first but he says something along the lines of "remember what you did to my parents?" in means of saving his son's life

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