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    The location of Storybrooke


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    The location of Storybrooke Empty The location of Storybrooke

    Post by playarita

    If we go further into the series and the curse is eventually broken what happens to Storybrooke? Is there going to be a shock for residents living near Storybrook to suddenly see a town that had not been previously there?

    Anyways continuing on...

    Recently I started writing a OUAT story
    Spoiler: *cough* *cough* Only linking so that you can read the research I put into choosing the location of Storybrooke *clears throat*
    and had decided on a location due to several factors (and a lot of research).

    However I noticed a picture of Jefferson's map. The first map I saw was from the OUAT podcast:
    The location of Storybrooke Jeffersons-Storybrooke-map-s01e17

    I immediately noticed that the highway was a single digit number and that on the upper part of the map there seemed to be some sort of body of water--either a pond or a lake. On the lower part it was very much an ocean.

    The location of Storybrooke OnceUponaTimeS01E17HDTVXviD-AFG0241

    This capture from Hat Trick sort of gave me a better idea of the layout. I suppose it was due to how it was laid out. Anyways onto my theory.

    I looked at the Maine coastline through the help of Google Maps may have an idea of where in our world where StoryBrooke might be. This theory is based on the assumption that the curse can only take over the land but not so much as to create something that is not there i.e. an ocean in the area (as opposed to my own "universe" that I had decided to go with though with great trepidation to be honest).

    So where might it be located? Storybrooke may be located on Acadia National Park. On the left side of the park there is a pond called Upper Hadlock Pond and if you go up on Google Maps you will see a small inlet from Somes Sound.

    Why I think this might be plausible is that it is the only area that has a large national park near an area that most tourists are better familiar with: Bar Harbor. I have been to Bar Harbor and Arcadia National Park and they are really nice areas to travel and visit. It also matches the layout on the map.

    Not only that but with it being an island and one bridge connecting it to the mainland it could be a way of limiting traffic and population density only enough to keep Storybrooke protected (mostly from those of us from this world who might have some ability of sight --see a glimmer that shouldn't be there, a shadow figure, a voice here and here etc).

    Though the next step would be to see if there are any distinguishable landmarks or names that might be a reference to something? I think that will have to be my next area of research. If you can find anything definitely tweet about it, do a facebook status, anything (:

    Also the distance from Boston to Bar Harbor is less than 300 hundred miles and would take about 5 hours but assuming that Emma may drive a bit faster i.e. she could arrive in Bar Harbor in 3.75 hours if driving 80 miles per hour. Plus it would be a better known area to travel.

    What are your thoughts. The location of Storybrooke 570542861
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    Post on Wed Nov 28, 2012 7:40 pm by cuddlyasatiger

    This is great!

    I wonder if Storybrooke is a sort of haze for the rest of our world. I think when Henry says nobody comes to Storybrooke, he meant nobody. Even delivery guys and postal workers would begin to notice no one was aging and nothing was changing.

    And a trip of only 3 and a half hours or so is a totally do-able day trip.

    Post on Mon Nov 26, 2012 2:42 am by Ranna156

    wow is right! I never really thought about it or even thought that it was even suppose to be 'somewhere really'. But this makes sense and you are probably right!

    Also i saw a lot of your other 'research posts'! Wow you really know how to researcch something! Wink I love all of them!

    Post on Sun Nov 25, 2012 1:14 am by eclectic1

    Great idea for a topic!!! Very Happy

    Thanks for starting this...

    i've never really thought about this-wow-more good insight!

    I'd like to think the writers would base SB on a real-life area...and, since they're using Maine as the state...keep it within that vicinity. I know the show is Sci-fi/Fantasy...but, they're making fairytale as well as other classic characters "real". Putting them in our "age/era"...
    would keep in the 'trend' they've established.

    This would be an interesting question to pass on to the writers... Wink Cool

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