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    Post by playarita

    The only thing that comes to mind with PC's safety is the fact that the keeper of that world will be very cross because he is basically breaking the rules. - There a lot of different cultures that have a netherworld/underworld myth. It could be that the rooms are a form of purgatory ( although are there other myths that discuss this "limbo" or holding cell?

    From what I know about the show, it has drawn upon European fairy tales and stories (Grimm, Celtic mythology) as well Greek mythology. Not sure about Chinese mythology since it seems that they are using Disney's version of Mulan (unless they are actually using both the historical account and Disney's version? Though has anyone been able to confirm what source are they using for Mulan?)

    If it is based on Greek mythology then are we going to see Hades (or a servant of Hades) come into the picture? Furthermore, is it going to be based on the historical account of Hades (thus possibly also seeing Persephone) or the version from the Disney movie Hercules?

    I was reading into Celtic Mythology and an idea came to my head. I am thinking that maybe those who are put under a sleeping curse are placed in a "holding cell" if you will in Mag Mell (based on Irish mythology) or Annwn (based on Welsh mythology). Mag Mell was " paradise, identified as either an island far to the west of Ireland or a kingdom beneath the ocean" and is a "mythical realm achievable through death and/or glory" From Wiki: it was essentially a world of delights and eternal youth where disease is absent and food is ever-abundant. It later became Christianized and identified with the land of souls that had departed this world. In modern Breton, "Anaon" is synonymous with paradise rather than hell and the phrase "mont da Anaon", literally "to go to Anaon", is a euphemism for "to die". Name and etymology: Middle Welsh sources suggest that the term was recognised as meaning "very deep" in medieval times. The appearance of a form antumnos on an ancient Gaulish curse tablet, however, suggests that the original term may have been *ande-dubnos, a common Gallo-Brittonic word that literally meant "underworld." {Note the meaning of Annwn, so possibly "into the deep" refers to this place?}

    What I am hypothesizing is that the sleeping curse, in the fairy tale stories we know, happen to the heroes. I assume that these heroes would be destined for Mag Mell or Annwn achieved through glory and death. In FTL, Mag Mell or Annwn may be similar to Valhalla or it can simply exist for the "good" characters of FTL. (Although alternatively while the holding cell is located in Mag Mell or Annwn, people like Cora and Regina may not be granted passage to Mag Mell or Annwn at all instead may have their soul erased completely to give no chance of redemption or reincarnation...basically a worse then even hell)

    The reason why these heroes are confined to these rooms, a variable holding cell, is because they are not yet destined for Mag Mell or Annwn and thus cannot enter the realm even if they will go there one day. However they still were forced from the land of the waking and living and have to go somewhere.

    As for what each room means...the mirror room for when a FTL character is under the sleeping curse is to keep the focus on their loved ones, and how much they miss them. It is this that keeps them fully alive rather than drifting off possibly into Mag Mell or Annwn. The after affect of the curse could be a method of making the cursed one remember the horror they faced (rather than repressing them) and having a physical manifestation of the hate of the one who cast the curse. It seems to be also a rather forceful way of making the cursed person deal with it head on so that they can move on, (and defeat the villain).

    What I would think would be interesting about the sleeping curse was that while it was being created, the king ( of Annwn or ruler ( of Mag Mell, the Fomorian King of Tethra realized what the sleeping curse intended to do and set up fail safes to keep the cursed safe (because they were the hero, they needed to remember their loved ones, needed to deal with the curse head on rather than repress it, and defeat the villain).

    I think there has to be a reason why the nightmares exist because dreams and nightmares are there to help guide the dreamer even with things they might not want to address.

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    Post on Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:12 pm by cuddlyasatiger

    I like your ideas.

    My only problem with the Greek mythos theory is that people who weren't dead that went to Hades went in their physical body (e.g.- Persephone, Hercules) although that doesn't mean the OUAT writers followed that...

    I think they are also pulling from other literary epics. I know a few have been mentioned before in another topic, but the one I'm most familiar with is from Wheel of Time (WoT). In it, the netherworld/dream realm works pretty much just like in the show except the curse isn't necessary. Some people can enter into it just by deep sleep, others need talismans. Anyway, once they are there it can be quite dangerous unless they learn to control it. The control can go as far as to limit the strength of the others that are in the world, a sort of 'teleporting', and even changing appearances. Even though the physical body doesn't enter the world, any injuries incurred there manifest on the physical body. There's not really any actual ruler of the world, the dangers, control, and limitations are all just natural consequences of the fluidity of the netherworld.


    Post on Wed Nov 28, 2012 1:59 am by Ranna156

    i agree with you a lot on these things...even though i don't know much (or anything really) about welsh or irish or chinese mythology...but the dead and where they go has been an obsession with cultures for I agree that there is DEFINITELY something more to this Netherworld and am expecting to see a lot more interaction there...and also more rooms. Honestly though i wouldn't be surprised to see Cora end up there as well as other deceased people like Graham. Also I think that is where the 'lost souls' went and we will see Phillip there. Charming was breaking barriers and I think he will break even more while there or when he returns after being woke up. The Netherworld is truly a place they can run with...also Rumple seemed to know a lot about this Netherworld...maybe he somehow sent Bae to there only to be retrieved later on...LOTS OF POSSIBILITIES! Wink

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