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    King George/Albert Spencer Empty King George/Albert Spencer

    Post by cuddlyasatiger

    King George/Albert Spencer ImagesqtbnANd9GcQIJOLMM0Y9C51X1xbggN3bUrp4JSMU-lFEgRHCZdl5yuNORQGW

    Birthname: George
    FTL Persona: King George
    Storybrooke Persona: Albert Spencer
    Nickname or Pseudonyms:
    Last Seen: In Storybrooke
    Characteristics: Ambitious, Mean
    Fairytale Origin: Original to OUAT
    Memorable quote(s): "You will marry this girl or I will kill you, I will kill your mother, I will turn that farm to ash."

    "You may have taken care of me in the old world, but in this one we get to have another go at each other."

    Major Mysteries or Questions: If it's his castle Charming and Snow rule from in FTL, then where is he? Why/how did Regina become his liege?

    TopicFairy Tale Land/Other World Storybrooke/Our World
    Significant Other(s)N/AN/A
    ChildrenJames (adopted)N/A
    OccupationKingDistrict Attorney
    Sexual EncountersN/AN/A
    Short Biography:

    King George makes a deal with Rumplestiltskin to obtain a baby boy he can raise as his own. Prince James grows up to be a strong knight in a very poor kingdom. In order to save his kingdom from hunger and poverty, King George is trying to make a deal with King Midas: Prince James will slay a pestering dragon and Midas will reward the kingdom with riches. It seemingly falls apart when James is killed trying to get the job. Rumplestiltskin appears and tell George, James has an identical twin brother still living on the farm. King George makes another deal with Rumplestiltskin to get the brother, Charming. George tells Charming to slay the beast and get the reward then he can go back home. Charming slays the dragon, but Midas throws everyone for a loop when instead of gold, he offers his daughter's hand in marriage. George coerces Charming to accept the engagement. Later, George finds out Charming plans to back out of the marriage to be with his true love, Snow White. None too pleased, George captures Snow and forces her to break Charming's heart. When Charming runs away anyway, George viciously pursues vowing to kill him. He eventually catches catches Charming and is planning to kill him when the Evil Queen intervenes for her own nefarious purposes.

    In Storybrooke, District Attorney Albert Spencer is brought in to interview Mary Margaret to determine if there's sufficient reason to indict her for Kathryn Nolan's alleged murder.

    Played By: Alan Dale

    King George/Albert Spencer IMDb

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    Post on Wed Nov 14, 2012 10:35 pm by rra615

    yeah i think charming had the opportunity to kill him in the FTL that was, i don't remember seeing it on camera though. maybe it was during her escape when snow was trapped in the castle and grumpy and the dwarfs helped her escape?

    i was wondering why regina didn't try to join forces and seduce or marry him - he's a single king who can make her more powerful! hahaha

    Post on Wed Nov 14, 2012 10:30 pm by Ranna156

    I have no idea. And when does Regina become his liege? Where did that question come from?

    Post on Wed Nov 14, 2012 9:38 pm by cuddlyasatiger

    What does he mean Charming took care of him in the old world? scratch He obviously didn't kill him. Was he in the dungeons? Will that make KG even more bitter against Charming in SB?

    Post  by Sponsored content

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