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    Post by cuddlyasatiger

    King Leopold ImagesqtbnANd9GcQu78PUg5upqIGUs6LF0kyXVM8Clvfq8k4GKBWQjyTAujq2j1XW

    Birthname: Leopold
    FTL Persona: King Leopold
    Storybrooke Persona: N/A
    Nickname or Pseudonyms:
    Born: In FTL
    Death: In FTL, bitten by Agrabah Vipers put in his bed
    Last Seen: In FTL, dead
    Characteristics: Generous, Loving, Trusting
    Fairytale Origin: Snow White
    Memorable quote(s): "Love makes people do foolish things."

    Major Mysteries or Questions:

    TopicFairy Tale Land/Other World Storybrooke/Our World
    Spousesdeceased (unnamed); Regina MillsN/A
    Significant Other(s)wife (deceased)N/A
    ChildrenSnow WhiteN/A
    Sexual Encounterswife (deceased)N/A
    Short Biography:

    King Leopold is devoted to his daughter, Snow White, and the memory of her mother which leaves little room for his new wife and Snow's step-mother, Regina. He neglects her and is seemingly oblivious to her unhappiness. While walking one day along the shore he finds a genie lamp. He only has one wish - that all in his kingdom find happiness. With his other wish he frees the genie, then invites him to live in his castle. Regina in her quest for happiness has the genie kill King Leopold with venomous Agrabah Vipers in his bed. The genie had warned King Leopold before he made his wish that all wishes end badly.

    Played By: Richard Schiff

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