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    Felix/Rufio Empty Felix/Rufio

    Post by eclectic1

    6-28-2013 First appearance in Ep 301.  Recurring...
    Rufio is in his teens and is a mischievous and devious Lost Boy.

    ***Felix and Rufio are one and the same...
    10-7-2013...per recent writeup from Huffington Post

    Who else caught the mention of Rufio when Hook and Felix were fighting? The iconic "Hook" movie character is off-limits to the writers as the property of Sony Pictures, but they apparently couldn't resist a brief mention: "You have a writers' room that loves that movie, and so for us, it was a shout-out. We're not doing [Rufio's] backstory, but we are going to be telling you how Peter Pan became Peter Pan, and why he made the decisions he made," co-creator Eddy Kitsis recently told us.
    Parker Croft cast...
    7-2-2013 Per "Ask Ausiello/TVLine"...

    Rufio…teenage leader of the Lost Boys.
    The character, per lore, is described as forever youthful, mischievous and harboring a penchant for clever games — but behind his playful façade lurks a petulant child twisted enough to destroy anyone who crosses his path.
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