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    Peter Pan


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    Peter Pan

    Post by eclectic1

    Birthname: Peter Pan
    FTL Persona: Peter Pan (N/A)
    Storybrooke Persona: (N/A)
    Nickname or Pseudonyms: Pan; PP
    Born: Unknown.
    Death: Alive
    Last Seen: In Neverland
    Characteristics: confident; cocky; mysterious
    Fairytale Origin: Peter Pan
    Memorable quote(s): "Now you...and it...are mine"; "Come on boys!...Lets Play!!!"

    Major Mysteries or Questions: Why does he want the heart of the truest believer?

    TopicFairyTale Land/Other World Storybrooke/OurWorld
    Significant Other(s)N/AN/A
    OccupationLeader of the Lost Boysshadow kidnapper
    Sexual EncountersN/AN/A

    Short Biography:

    We first see Peter Pan's shadow in season 2 when he takes Wendy Darling to Neverland. He returns her because he is searching for a boy who is later shown to be Henry. Pan let Wendy go back home, but his shadow will be coming for her brothers. Baelfire repays Wendy's kindness by going in their stead.

    Many years later we find that Pan hired people to destroy magic in search of Henry and tricks Tamara and Greg into bringing Henry to Neverland. Under the disguise of a fugitive Lost Boy he tests Henry to see if Henry really does have what he has long sought: The Heart of the Truest Believer.

    Played By: Robbie Kay

    7-17-2013 Per Mike Ausiello/TV Line...

    Up-and-comer Robbie Kay to join the Season 3 cast as a member of the infamous Lost Boys, 
    Kay, who will appear on a recurring basis, is the first of Peter Pan’s Neverland minions to be cast for the new season. 
    Havent heard a character name yet for him...

    7-28-2013 SpoilerTV is confirming Robbie Kay will BE Peter Pan!

    9-9-2013 Interesting to note that S3 Premier Press Release has Robbie Kay listed as "Fugitive Boy"! Cool 
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