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    Prince Phillip Empty Prince Phillip

    Post by cuddlyasatiger

    Birthname: Phillip
    FTL Persona: Prince Phillip
    Storybrooke Persona: N/A
    Nickname or Pseudonyms:
    Born: In FTL
    Last Seen: In FTL, laid out on a bier
    Characteristics: brave, noble
    Fairytale Origin: Disney's Sleeping Beauty
    Memorable quote(s): I'll be back in five minutes. I promise.

    Major Mysteries or Questions: How can he be saved? Are he and Mulan in love? Can you have more than one true love?

    TopicFairy Tale Land/Other World Storybrooke/Our World
    Significant Other(s)Princess AuroraN/A
    Sexual EncountersN/A
    Short Biography:

    Prince Phillip, while searching for his love Aurora, was trapped by the Dark Curse in a corner of FTL that mysteriously survived the destruction of the curse. After 28 years, the curse weakens and Phillip and his traveling companion, Mulan, can resume their search. They find her and Phillip wakes her, but in his haste to save her he is marked for the wraith. Once they have escaped, Phillip realizes he is putting the women in danger by traveling with them. He sneaks away from them and sacrifices himself to the wraith. He is last seen laid out on a bier.

    Played By: Julian Morris

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    Post on Fri Oct 12, 2012 10:59 pm by Ranna156

    lol...i took it as doubt that he didn't believe a true love kiss would work...

    Post on Fri Oct 12, 2012 9:42 pm by cuddlyasatiger

    While re-watching I realized Phillip tells Mulan "If this works..." which makes me thinks he had doubts which makes me think he and Mulan did have something going on (whether they had admitted it to each other or not).

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