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    Post by Ranna156

    Rump/Belle parody:

    Rump & Belle take off on a trip with the final
    destination being prayer temples in Nepal . The star crossed lovers though
    decide to take an extended vacation before reaching Nepal as sort of a
    pre-honeymoon trip. Poor Belle after being locked up for 28 years can’t sit
    still but is so happy and excited that Rump is making all of her dreams come true
    by taking her on a trip to see the world…and he doesn’t have nasty teeth
    anymore. Eventually they end up at the same prayer temple in Nepal where
    Baelfire’s lemure is wandering around. Because of the pure goodness in Belle
    she can see Bae and speaks to him for Rump. Bae misses his father and forgives
    him. Bae decides he will go with Rumbelle and so Rump puts him in the Genie’s
    lamp so that he will be comfortable traveling and won’t get lost. When the trio
    get back to SB Rump so wants to be able to talk to Bae on his own so he digs up
    the extremely well preserved body of Graham. He infuses the body with Bae’s
    lemure/spririt and then takes the parent puppets and uses the life force he
    trapped within the puppets to bring Graham’s body back to life with Bae’s
    spirit. Funny thing is Graham does kind of look like a grown up Bae…Anyway it
    works and everyone is happy for a little bit (occasionally even little bits of
    Graham come through…but he is ok with Bae’s spirit inhabiting his body as long
    as Bae NEVER touches Regina again!). Then they realize that everything Rump has
    done may cost them not only their world but our world as well! Can they save
    FTL in time????


    Magic is Coming Dragon
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    Post on Wed Oct 10, 2012 9:18 pm by Ranna156

    haha...but they can't leave and retain their memories!

    Post on Wed Oct 10, 2012 8:27 pm by cuddlyasatiger

    So if Whale is Dr. Frankenstein - this won't seem as unlikely!

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