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    SW's Coffin! Empty SW's Coffin!

    Post by Ranna156

    SW’s Coffin

    SW's Coffin! Sw_min10SW's Coffin! Swcoff11

    First pic is down the mine air hole and the second pic is
    down the elevator shaft at the library.

    hmmm...looks to me like two different areas. I think i see a
    tree branch on the mine air hole coffin with more debris/growth. It also looks
    closer to the rocks to me; like it is nestled tightly among them.

    The library shot looks 'cleaner' and somewhere more open.

    Conclusion: mistake of some kind - prop or location or

    However it does not appear to be FTL where the library
    coffin is so at least that theory is debunked.


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    Post on Mon Oct 22, 2012 1:31 am by Ranna156

    ok so in the original SW wasn't her coffin made from the diamonds that the dwarves mined? Not sure if that is the case in this storyline but we shall see...

    I think Belle is going to come across this coffin that is below the library and maybe that is how they will get some 'fairy dust'...however Emma left her father's sword down there but Charming has it you would think he would have seen that coffin when he went to get it!!! tsk tsk...haha...

    also Henry still has a piece of this coffin...

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