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*Once Upon a Time Log of Observations & Questions*

Well Season 1 is complete & Season 2 has started - yet we are stuck with a TON of questions!
Here is a log of them!

Spoiler info or speculation is not included in this log. Questions & Observations will be added as the episodes air.

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  • *   Other than possibly Regina, Mr. Gold is the only person actually seen take a bite from one of the apples off of Regina's tree.

  • *   Snow White still hasn't used the whistle the Huntsman gave her.

  • *   Emma left her fathers sword down in the library basement! Not sure that was such a good idea...UPDATE: Charming/David somehow got his sword back. I wonder if he saw SW's coffin while down there...

  • *   We have seen multiple ways for one or two people to get to Our World with out a curse. Does this mean that there is more to Rumple's agenda than just getting to Our World to find Baelfire - he could technically have used the hat (update - no he couldn't use the hat since it only goes between magical worlds) and came on a little visit with Jefferson - he could have had Geppetto (or some other wood carver long before Geppetto) build a transport from one of the enchanted trees (update - guess the enchanted trees were all used by Hook).

  • *   A lot of significance has been placed on trees - Regina's apple tree; the enchanted tree; the infinite forest - to name a few.

  • *   Henry still hasn't called Emma 'mom' yet. - UPDATE - Henry has called Emma 'mom' to her face since her and Snow/MaryMargaret have returned to Storybrooke through the portal.

  • *   Rumplestiltskin has been collecting a lot of items over the years, but we still don't know why.

  • *   Henry has a piece of Snow White's coffin in his posession.

  • *   Have seen a lot of people with flasks - Rumplestiltskin (have not seen Mr. Gold with the flask), Marco (have not seen Geppetto with a flask), Grumpy - to name a few.

  • *   Have seen Rumplestiltskin 'off' two people that seemingly disappeared (there was no body) - The Fairy Godmother and Gaston - could it be possible these characters aren't really dead, but are trapped somewhere?

  • *   The number 7 or multiples of 7 seem to pop up an awful lot...especially around Emma. Also the number 5 and multiples of 5 and the number 2 come up a lot.

  • *   The Genie's Lamp had green stones when we saw Mr. Gold polishing it. However the last time we saw it in Fairytale Land (when the Genie dropped it after making his wish) the lamp's stones had turned from green to red.

  • *   Ashley Boyd is only 19 but was drinking in a bar in Storybrooke. The legal drinking age in Maine is 21.

  • *   Apparently King George either didn't have true love with his wife since her 'curse' to not be able to bear children was never broken...OR maybe he did have true love with her but she was just barren anyway...

  • *   Snow White was cursed when she drank the 'vile potion' King George gave her (he even said he cursed her), so Ruth needlessly gave up the last drink of water from Lake Nostos (or it was implied that she gave it up anyway) because as soon as SW & PC kissed her 'curse' would have been broken. They kissed during the wedding ceremony performed by Lancelot and SW also supposedly drank the water from Lake Nostos...either way the 'barren curse' was lifted.

  • *   Killian Jones was a complete jerk/bully to Rumplestiltskin when he thought he was just a poor helpless beggar.

  • *   Killian Jones/Hook came to the safe haven camp a couple of months before 'The Curse' was broken, posing as a blacksmith.

  • *   Jefferson's hat is only able to go between magical worlds/realms.

  • *   Since one of the hat's rules is that the same number of people who go in can only come out Jefferson needs a 'partner' if he is picking up & dropping people off in other worlds/realms using the hat.

  • *   Hook took a coin from the Giant's treasury...not sure if this will come into play later...

  • *   They fixed the wanted poster for Snow White by adding her name (finally) in Child of the Moon. Previously when we saw the poster it didn't have her name on it but everyone in FTL seemed to know it!


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  • Q.)   Is there anything special about August's typewriter and if so where did he get it?

  • Q.)   Who is PC's father?

  • Q.)   Why was Mr. Gold inspecting the Genie's lamp?

  • Q.)   Why were the Genie's lamp stones green instead of red (as seen when the Genie made his wish to always look upon Regina)?

  • Q.)   Was there a particular reason Rumple wanted people turned into puppets?

  • Q.)   Why did August lie about lemurs being in Nepal prayer temples when lemurs are only in Madagascar?

  • Q.)   What exactly happened to Jefferson and where did he go when he was kicked out the window by Mary Margaret?

  • Q.)   How did Mary Margaret get the book?

  • Q.)   Where did the book come from/who wrote the book?

  • Q.)   Who set August up with a workshop (you see him forging new pages to add to Henry's book in a workshop that is not a hotel room)?

  • Q.)   What did Regina have to do to get The Curse from Rumplestiltskin?

  • Q.)   Why would Regina lose her power if she started over? You see her say this to her father in episode 2 - she says if she starts over she will lose everything she has worked for...she will lose her power.

  • Q.)   Why did Rumplestiltskin want Cinderella's baby? (was it high demand for babies in FTL? - he knew he would use it as a bargaining chip with Emma the savior? - Some other reason?)

  • Q.)   Did Rumple really get tricked into going to jail or did he deliberately 'fall' for Cinderella's ploy about carrying twins and wanting to make another deal?

  • Q.)   Can Rumple pass up a deal or is he bound by some rule to 'make deals' if another wants to make a deal with him and is willing to pay the price?

  • Q.)   Why did the Blind Witch steal  Regina's apple?

  • Q.)   What was so special about the apple the Blind Witch stole from Regina? {now a lot of you might say it had the Sleeping Curse on that episode we see the EQ look in her mirror and see Snow White with the 7 dwarves walking (right after she leaves King George's palace where she met Grumpy and Stealthy). Now we know at the end of season 1 that Rumple didn't make the Dark Curse until AFTER he had the True Love Potion. He isn't able to make the TLP until AFTER he gets the hair from Charming's cloak. He doesn't get the hair until AFTER Snow White drinks the Forget PC Potion...and in this episode right after the EQ gets her apple back from the blind witch you see Snow White walking with the dwarves BEFORE she drinks the Forget PC Potion AND we know that the EQ trades the Dark Curse for the Sleeping Curse THEREFORE the Hansel & Gretyl episode with retrieving the apple would have been BEFORE ANY of the curse trades could have taken place since Rumplestiltskin couldn't have traded the Dark Curse with Regina yet.} However its DEFINITELY possible that there is a plot hole or mistake in here...until it is officially confirmed what is going on here it will remain a question.

  • Q.)   So Jefferson has his hat back, will the hat Emma made also work now with magic coming?
    • 10/02/2012 - So the last time we saw this hat Jefferson had it. Now Regina does. We saw in S2Ep01 Broken that when Emma touched Regina the original hat worked and also that Regina appeared to get her magic back. Still don't know if the hat Emma made works...but it did appear that maybe it cushioned Jeff's fall? Jefferson's hat is now destroyed by King George throwing it into a fire!

  • Q.)   Why does the Queen of Hearts have the same vault of drawers that Regina has?

  • Q.)   What happened to Bae? He is alive and is the father of Henry.

  • Q.)   Where & when did he go?

  • Q.)   Who is Grace's mother and how is she 'lost'?

  • Q.)   Who pays for the fairies magic?

  • Q.)   Why didn't the Blue Faiy want Nova to be with Dreamy (Grumpy?) as it didn't exactly appear that there was a shortage of fairies?

  • Q.)   How did Rumple get the objects in his shop that weren't in his possession at the time of the curse? Examples: the unicorn mobile and Prince Charming's sword

  • Q.)   We know Jefferson has a past with Regina - was it romantic/sexual at all?

  • Q.)   Where did Jefferson get his hat?

  • Q.)   Where/who did Granny get the cloak for Red from?

  • Q.)   We know there are tunnels/mines/basements/hidden alcoves and water all under Storybrooke. Is this significant for some reason?

  • Q.)   Will we find out what is behind all the doors that were in Jefferson's hat?

  • Q.)   How did Rumple know to get Henry for Regina to 'adopt' as her son when he didn't remember who he was until he heard Emma's name?

  • Q.)   What happened to Thomas in Fairytale Land when he 'disappeared'?

  • Q.)   Why is Emma's last name Swan?

  • Q.)   What happened to Maleficient's unicorn? Is the unicorn someone or something we have seen in Storybrooke (like Pongo)?

  • Q.)   Why is Pongo Archie's dog?

  • Q.)   Who or what was Pongo back in FTL?

  • Q.)   Did the egg turn small when Maleficent's dragon form went back to her human form?

  • Q.)   How did Regina trap Maleficient in her dragon form?

  • Q.)   Why did Rumple want the Fairy God Mother wand?

  • Q.)   Why was there something familiar about August to Regina?

  • Q.)   Why & how did Regina yank Jefferson from Wonderland? She didn't seem to be able to yank Emma from Our World...

  • Q.)   Is there any significance to the 'Savior' being 28?

  • Q.)   Does August/Pinocchio become human again?
  • He blinked. He was able to send off a post card...

  • Q.)   Why did they cut the scene between August and Jefferson in 'Hat Trick'? Do they know each other? What did they talk about?
  •          Most likely Answer: They probably cut the scene because they filmed too long of footage and it will be on the DVD. - Update - it was NOT on the DVD so we still don't know why this scene was cut!

  • Q.)   Will we get ever see Kathryn/Abigail again and the reunion between her & Frederick?

  • Q.)   Will we meet Alice in Wonderland? Does she have any connection(s) to Jefferson?

  • Q.)   Is there any connection between Red Riding Hood and Rumplestiltskin? They shared a 'look' in the Pilot and now wondering what it meant.

  • Q.)   Why & how did the Queen of Hearts 'kidnap and shrink' Regina's father Henry?

  • Q.)   We saw why Regina didn't/doesn't like Snow White, but what did Leopold ever do to her that made her want him dead and also claim to her father something like -  "after what they did to me?, after what they stole from me?".

  • Q.)   In the end will Rumplestiltskin and Regina have happy endings?

  • Q.)   Who did August call in the episode The Return at the beginning?

  • Q.)   Why did Regina adopt Henry?

  • Q.)   Why did Regina & Gold lie about FTL being destroyed?

  • Q.)   Is there a way to destroy the Wraith even though it is already dead?

  • Q.)   Why did Regina pretend not to know who Jefferson was/who the hat belonged to?

  • Q.)   What exactly is Cora & Rumples history?...Did she guess his name and didn't have to give up her first born?

  • Q.)   Where did August go? Did he get up and walk off or did someone move him?

  • Q.)   Which fairy/nun is Whale interested in?

  • Q.)   Are we going to see Grumpy & Nova together now...or will that whole 'are the nuns still nuns?' come into play?

  • Q.)   Who is Peter Pan going to be? Will he somehow be Baelfire?

  • Q.)   Why would Snow White think that the wardrobe would have enough magic to get both her & Emma back to SB when the last she knew it only had enough magic to take one?

  • Q.)   Will there be a royal fight or #charmattack when PC finds out about SW & Lancelot's 'deception' about the Lake Nostos water? He knew about True Love's kiss breaking ANY his mother could have been saved if SW had told him about her 'curse' before marrying him!

  • Q.)   Why & how does Regina end up married to Leopold since she had apparently 'escaped' that fate when she pushed her mother into the Looking Glass?

  • Q.)   Do the fairies have any powers without fairy dust or magic wands?

  • Q.)   Can the magic bean(s) be used more than once? Does the user decide where they take you or do they all go to designated areas?

  • Q.)   How will this 'New Curse' that is preventing people from being able to leave SB and retain their memories be broken? It hasn't been broken yet, but Gold made some magic to 'block' the affect of losing your memory.

  • Q.)   What is the black & white world we saw that Victor is from? Have we seen a door to it in Jefferson's hat?

  • Q.)   Will Regina find love again now that she has finally let go of Daniel?

  • Q.)   Who was Jeff's traveling partner when he went to pick up & drop off Victor (since the same number that go in must come out indicates he had to take someone with him to leave there until he returned with Victor & could pick up the 'partner'...)?

  • Q.)   MM/Snow White has been wearing a necklace with a key on it...Does the key actually open anything & if so what?

  • Q.)   Will there be any consequences with the coin that Hook stole from the Giant?

  • Q.)   Is Neal going to go to Storybrooke now?

  • Q.)   What did August do with the 20,000 dollars Neal gave him for Emma?

  • Q.)   How did/does August/Pinocchio find Emma after searching for 2 years?

  • Q.)   Did Granny really steal Red from her mother or is there more to that story? Seems like it shouldn't have been that hard for Anita to find Red...

  • Q.)   Is Anita really Red's mother? What happened to Red's father then if Granny lied about her mother?

  • Q.)   Will King George/Albert Spencer be tried for murder or will be excused since he only killed 'a mouse'!?!


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  • Q.)   Is the magic that is coming to Storybrooke 'dark' in any way or is it just plain magic (both good and bad)?
    • Apparently it is just regular magic but it is unpredictable and doesn't work the same way - 10/02/2012 from S1Ep02 - Broken

  • Q.)   Will Emma have any magic or be able to control any magic?
    • Emma has magic or is a conduit of magic as seen in the Premiere Broken. When she touched Regina, Jefferson's hat worked and Regina appeared to regain her powers.

  • Q.)   The dagger that Rumplestiltskin shows Baelfire is different than the original dagger. Is this a prop mistake or is there something more to it?
    • Appears to be a prop mistake since Mr. Gold summoned the Wraith as The Dark One using the dagger that had the wording starting from the handle rather than the tip as originally seen when he became the Dark One. They might still be able to say the wording appears however its being held though. Either way it appears there is only ONE dagger and no forgeries or fakes.

  • Q.)   Was there a particular reason Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin didn't kiss Belle when she remembered who she was and they announced their love for each other?
    • Appears he was just in a hurry - the long awaited kiss finally happened in the season 2 premiere Broken!

  • Q.)   Will people retain their newly discovered memories with this magic coming?
    • Yes everyone remembers both their FTL past and the past 28 years. Confirmed when Snow said to Charming/David about having a one night stand with Whale and that they were cursed.

  • Q.)   How did Regina get her magic power to begin with?
    • From the book of spells and Rumplestiltskins help.

  • Q.)   What happened/where is Cora?
    • Regina pushed Cora into the looking glass and Cora went to Wonderland. She somehow made it back to FTL and is currently trying to get to SB.

  • Q.)   Can they leave Storybrooke now?
    • Yes they can leave but if try you will lose all of your FTL memories. We don't know what will happen to the people who were not affected by the curse (Emma, Henry, & August) but assume they can still come and go as they please with no effect.

  • Q.)   Why didn't everyone revert to their Fairytale Land Form when the curse broke?
    • Because when The Curse broke there was no magic and after magic came it acts differently in OW. In OW fairies and dwarves do not exist.

  • Q.)    What is that darkness that when Prince Charming kisses Snow White it gets lifted? You see it in the Pilot & also it is clarified again when Mary Margaret is reading to comatose Henry that there was a 'darkness' over the land and true love's kiss between Snow White and Prince Charming lifted it. So what exactly was it and where did it come from?
    • Possible or Partial Answer: Before Snow bites the apple, Regina says her body will be her tomb...when he kissed Snow White a pulse..."waking up Snow White and bringing light to the darkness". The curse was on SW only. - although this still doesn't explain the darkness over the land or it getting lifted as seen in the Pilot.  Update: Since we also saw that a similar thing happened when the curse was lifted off of Aurora when Phillip kissed her I guess it was just that pulse of pure love spreading across the land.

  • Q. )   Who is Bae's mother and what really happened to her?
    • Bae's mother is Milha. She ran off with a band of pirates led by Killian Jones because she had fallen in love with him. Later after Baelfire has gone through the portal Rumplestiltskin encounters Milha and when she tells Rumple that she never loved him he rips her heart out. All this time he thought she had been kidnapped and most likely dead and he was powerless to stop it.

  • Q.)   Will Jefferson get Grace back and his 'happy ending'?
    •  Jefferson has gotten Grace back as seen in Lady of the Lake

  • Q.)   Will Rumplestiltskin/Mr.Gold still have his 'please' power now that the curse is broken and magic is coming?
    •  No he does not have the 'please power' any longer.

  • Q.)   Did Jefferson ever have any dealings with Rumplestiltskin?
    • Yes. We saw in 205 - The Doctor that Jefferson had gone to Oz to retrieve a crystal ball and slippers. The slippers had already been moved to another land. We also saw that he was working with Rumple to 'trick' Regina.

  • Q.)   We have seen 2 rooms under the Mills Crypt - are there more?
    • Yes. We saw another room holding Daniel's preserved body. Assuming there may be more as well down there...

  • Q.)   Who is Dr. Whale?
    • Victor Frankenstein who apparently comes from a black & white world...although the 'enchanted heart' showed up as a red/ruby color....

  • Q.)   Did Regina bring anyone else (other than Jefferson) who was not in Fairy Tale Land at the time of The Curse to Storybrooke?
    •  Apparently she brough Victor Frankenstein from his world. Also appeared Smee was brought from Neverland...

  • Q.)   Why was Cora in the Pit?
    • Cora was in the Pit because she was posing as Lancelot & wanted to give the 'survivors' a false sense of security...

  • Q.)   Will Cora recognize SW?
    • Yep...she did.

  • Q.)   Is magic only in SB now/can it only be used in SB?
    • Based on what happens when you leave SB I think its safe to say that magic is only present in SB.

  • Q.)   Why was Emma in jail when she gave birth to Henry?
    • Emma was in jail because she got set up by her boyfriend Neal Cassady for stealing some watches that he actually stole.

  • Q.)   What happened to the rest of the magic beans in FTL?
    • They were destroyed by the Giants as they  died. The last giant tells a different story...

  • Q.)   Who is Henry's dad?
    • Neal Cassady

  • Q.)   Will we see Emma's backstory after she was adopted until she ends up in Boston (including how she met Henry's father)?
    • Well we saw how she met Henry's father, how she ended up in jail, & why she ended up in Tallahassee for 2 years.

  • Q.)   Who is the Mysterious Man (Neal Cassady) in New York City?
    • He is Henry's father and he knows about the curse because of August.

  • Q.)   Who sent the Neal Cassady a postcard from Storybrooke?
    • Assumed to be August/Pinocchio but maybe there was an accomplice. Either way it was probably at August's request.

  • Q.)   Does Hook want revenge on Rumple for killing Milha or for chopping his hand off? Or both?
    • Appears both since he has a tattoo of Milha on his arm.

  • Q.)   Will we now see Archie as Jimminy Cricket, the Mother Superior as the Blue Fairy, Red turning into a wolf on the full moon with this magic that is coming?
    • Archie and the Blue Fairy are still in human form. Billy was a human in Storybrooke although he was one of Cinderella's mice 'friends'. Gus. Ruby can now turn into a wolf again during wolfstime (full moon) with magic in SB.

  • Q.)   Will they give Emma a 'significant other or true love'?
    • Neal Cassady was a significant other and her first 'love'. Looks like Hook might be a potential as well for at least a significant other.

  • Q.)   Will/Are Henry & Aurora meeting in there dreams? Is there a bigger meaning/significance to their dreams? 
    • Yes they are now talking to each other. Henry has a necklace so he can control things in the dreams. The person actually goes to a Netherworld while under the sleeping curse and sometimes as a side affect the person will return to this place when dreaming. Things that physically happen in the Netherworld actually happen to the sleeping victim like getting burned.

  • Q.)   What is Prince Charming's real name?
    •  David

  • Q.)   How did Rumplestiltskin get his limp? 
    • He did it to himself in order to save himself from being killed on the front of Ogre War I.

  • Q.)   What happened to the rest of the enchanted trees? 
    • Apparently Hook used a lot of them to make his ship.

  • Q.)   Why does the Queen of Hearts have her face covered and speak into a pipe? 
    • Apparently to cover her identity of her being Cora.

  • Q.)   Why does the Queen of Hearts have her face covered and speak into a pipe? 
    • Apparently to cover her identity of her being Cora.

  • Q.)   Did Jefferson have anything to do with 'hiding' Belle?
    • Doesn't appear that he did.

  • Q.)   Will that 'very special well' come into play again - something there we have yet to see? 
    • Apparently it also acts as a portal between the Enchanted Forest & Storybrooke.

  • Q.)   Why were some people from FTL not taken by 'The Curse'? What was protecting that part of the land that they were in? 
    • Cora cast a protection spell and was able to protect anyone in it from the full affects of The Curse...however they were still frozen in time, they just didn't get taken to Storybrooke like everyone else affected by The Curse did.

  • Q.)   Can the souls that were sucked by the Wraith be recovered?
    •  According to Cora - YES! 

  • Q.)   How did Cora end up back in FTL after being pushed into Wonderland?
    •  She came with Hook.

  • Q.)   Where is Mr. Gold wanting to go?
    •  Manhattan!

  • Q.)   What was in the trunk Mr. Gold didn't want Regina to see?
    • Baelfire's cloak and presumably other items belonging to him.

  • Q.)   If Gold used the same stuff he gave David to find Jefferson, on something of Bae's would it work outside of Storybrooke? 
    • Appears that magic doesn't work outside of Storybrooke.

  • Q.)   Can Regina and/or Jefferson leave SB without any consequences since they always remembered who they were during 'The Curse'? 
    • Anyone whose memory wasn't affected by The Curse or who wasn't affected by The Curse will retain their memories when leaving Storybrooke.

  • Q.)   Was Cora ever affected by 'The Curse' in really losing her magic, memories, etc?
    •  Doesn't appear so.

  • Q.)   Why did Hook end up back in FTL instead of SB? 
    • He was in Cora's protection bubble...

  • Q.)   How long have Hook & Cora known each other?
    •  about 28-29 years...

  • Q.)   Did Hook ever lose his memories? Him & Cora seemed to be pretty chummy and up to snuff on each others wants even though The Curse has only been broken for a short time.
    •  It doesn't appear that his memories were affected by The Curse.

  • Q.)   Who is Victor's brother & how did it 'end badly' after he was brought back to life and before he died again?
    •  His brother killed their father and was miserable and not always with it once he was brought back to life so had to be killed again.

  • Q.)   What was in the box that August showed Neal? 
    • A typewritten note that said 'I know you are Baelfire'.

  • Q.)   What really happened with the Giants and Jack? What is the actual story?
    • See the episode Tiny. Jack was a girl and her and Prince James tricked Tiny forcing his brothers to destroy all the beans.