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Complete timeline of major FTL and Storybrooke events

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Episode Event
2.14 Rumplestiltskin goes to the ogre wars, eager to prove he's not a coward like his father
2.14 When a seer tells Rumplestiltskin that his wife is pregnant and his son will be fatherless, he wounds himself so he can return home
2.14 Milha, Rumplestiltskin's wife, is ashamed and disgusted with Rumplestiltskin for his cowardice
2.04 Rumplestiltskin finds his wife, Milha, at a pub with a bunch of pirates
2.04 Milha promises to 'try again' for their son, Baelfire's, sake
2.04 Pirates take Milha (willingly) aboard their ship
2.04 The pirate captain, Kilian Jones, offers to duel for Milha but Rumplestiltskin is too afraid to fight for her
1.08 Rumplestiltskin becomes the Dark One to save his son, Bae, from going to war against the ogres when he turns 14
1.19 Rumplestiltskin makes a deal with Bae - to give up being the Dark One if Bae finds a way that won't kill him or hurt Bae
1.19 Bae gets a magic bean from the Blue Fairy (BF) that will transport him and his father to a land with no magic
1.19 Bae uses the bean and goes through the portal (and lands in old England), but Rumple doesn't follow
1.19 Rumplestiltskin swears to devote his immortality to finding a way to get to Bae
2.04 A trader named Smee seeks out Rumplestiltskin about a magic bean he's found
2.04 Rumplestiltskin spots Kilian in a pub and challenges him to a duel
2.04 Kilian abducts Smee and takes his magic bean
2.04 Milha stops Rumplestiltskin from killing Kilian but Rumple kills her instead and cuts off Kilian's hand
2.04 Kilian (now Captain Hook) lets Smee join his crew, uses his magic bean to open a portal to NNL - steering his entire ship into the portal
2.21 About 6 months after Bae lands in old England (circa 1800's) he is taken in by the Darling family
2.21 Bae warns Wendy Darling about magic and going to NNL with a shadow but she goes anyway
2.21 When Wendy returns from NNL, she warns the rest of the children that Bae was right about magic, but that the shadow is going to return to take one of the boys
2.21 Bae goes to NNL with the shadow to protect the Darling boys - but escapes the shadow when they arrive and is rescued by Hook
2.22 Hook gives Bae up to the Lost Boys who are working for Peter Pan to find a particular boy in a drawing - a drawing of Bae's future son, Henry
2.14 Rumplestiltskin finds the seer that originally told him his son would be fatherless to learn more about how he finds him again
2.14 Rumplestiltskin takes the seer's power of forsight
2.14 Before the seer dies, she tells Rumplestiltskin that a boy (Henry) will help him get Bae back but will also be his undoing - He vows to kill the boy
1.05 Jiminy's parents are loathsome thieves and Jiminy wants out
1.05 Rumplestiltskin makes Jiminy a potion to turn his parents into puppets
1.05 Jiminy's parents give the potion to young (maybe 10) Geppetto's parents, turning them into puppets
1.05 Jiminy is turned into a cricket with long life to aid Geppetto as he grows up
2.16 Princess Eva (future mother of SW), trips Cora when she is the miller's daughter, drawing Cora's ire
2.16 Cora boasts that she can spin straw into gold and is sent to a tower where Rumlestiltskin teaches her how to do so
2.16 Cora earns the opportunity to marry Prince Henry for her ability to spin straw into Gold
2.16 Cora, needing to choose between love of Rumplestiltskin and power as a royal married to Prince Henry, rips her own heart out and chooses power
1.06 Rumplestiltskin makes deal with King George, giving him a son (one of a twin)
2.15 Cora somehow poisons SW's mother, Queen Eva, on SW's birthday
2.15 Disguised as the BF, Cora tempts SW to use dark magic to save the life of her mother - SW refuses
1.18 Young Regina saves young SW from run-away horse
1.18 King Leopold asks Regina to marry him - her mother, Cora, accepts for her
1.18 Young SW discovers young Regina loves a stable boy (Daniel) and promises to keep it a secret
1.18 Cora manages to discover Regina's secret love from young SW
1.18 Cora kills Daniel - Regina blames SW for his death
2.02 Young Regina gets Cora's book of spells
2.02 Rumplestiltskin gives Regina a large magical portal mirror
2.02 Regina pushes Cora through the portal mirror, which shatters when she goes through
2.02 Rumplestiltskin offers to teach Regina magic because she'll do something for him someday
2.05 Rumplestiltskin stops teaching Regina magic because she won't kill - she wants to bring Daniel back from the dead
2.05 Dr Victor Frankenstein (SB Dr Whale) is hired by Rumplestiltskin to fail in bringing back Daniel to motivate Regina to continue learning magic
2.05 Victor, back in his world, uses a heart given to him by Rumplestiltskin to bring his brother, Gerhardt, back from the dead
2.12 Victor successfully brings Gerhardt back to life, but he isn't mentally stable
2.12 After Gerhardt kills their father, Victor locks him up vowing to find a way to 'fix' him
2.05 An angry and bitter Regina returns to Rumplestiltskin for training - no longer hesitant to kill
1.14 Clumsy fairy, Nova, spills fairy dust on dwarf egg
1.14 Egg hatches with Dreamy remembering Nova
1.11 King Leopold (SW's father) finds magic lamp, frees genie
1.11 Ex-genie falls for EQ and kills SW's father
1.11 Ex-genie becomes trapped in mirror by using his last wish - unwisely
1.07 EQ hires huntsman to kill SW but he lets her go
1.07 EQ traps huntsman's heart and he may never leave her or die
1.12 Rumplestiltskin makes deal with Sir Maurice, trading Belle for winning an Ogre War in his kingdom (Winter)
2.19 Robin Hood is caught trying to steal a magic wand from Rumplestiltskin
2.19 Belle releases Robin Hood from the dungeons
2.19 Rumplestiltskin relents from killing Robin Hood because he stole the wand to heal his pregnant wife
2.19 Rumplestiltskin and Belle start warming up to one another
1.15 SW meets Red (Red Riding Hood) (Winter)
1.15 Red learns she's a werewolf
2.07 While on the run with SW, Red meets her mother and other werewolves who teach her how to control the wolf
2.07 While protecting SW, Red accidentally kills her mother
2.11 Malificent curses Aurora and Philip - banishing Philip to a land far from where Aurora now sleeps
2.20 Regina slaughters an entire village that had been aiding Snow White
2.20 Regina has Rumplestiltskin disguise her as a peasant so she can get close to and kill SW
2.20 SW discovers Regina's hand in the slaughter of the village and see through her disguise
1.12 Rumplestiltskin allows Belle to go to town (Spring)
1.12 Belle meets EQ on the road, telling her that true love's kiss can break any curse
1.12 Belle returns to Rumplestiltskin, kissing him - almost breaking the curse, but he flies into a rage
1.12 Rumplestiltskin throws Belle out
1.17 Jefferson helps EQ get into Wonderland (timing is vague - somewhere between EQ learning to disguise herself and SW/PC's wedding)
1.17 EQ traps Jefferson in WL and gets her father back
1.17 Jefferson goes mad trying to remake his hat so he can get back to his daughter
1.14 A year after Dreamy hatches, he meets Nova and recognizes her
1.14 Belle meets Dreamy and encourages him to pursue Nova
2.11 The next night, Dreamy encourages Belle to go on an adventure to kill a fiery beast called a Yaoguai and gives her some fairy dust to help
1.14 Dreamy loves Nova but they can't be together, he becomes Grumpy
2.11 Belle hooks up with Mulan, who is also hunting the Yaoguai
2.11 Belle realizes that the Yaoguai is under a spell and pours her fairy dust on it, revealing it to be Prince Philip
2.11 Prince Philip and Mulan team up to tend to each others' wounds and Philip vows to continue his quest to wake up Aurora
2.11 Belle is captured by EQ on her way to reunite with Rumplestiltskin
1.12 EQ comes to Rumplestiltskin under pretext about a mermaid, telling him that Belle is dead and Sir Maurice is to blame
2.13 Prince James (adpoted son of King George) teams up with Jac (Jacqueline) and their army attack the giants for their magic beans
2.13 During the battle, Anton destroys all the beans, all the giants except for Anton die, Jac is killed, but PJ escapes with a bag of treasure
1.06 When his adopted son (PJ) dies, King George makes deal with Rumplestiltskin to replace him with his twin (PC) in return for the location of a fairy godmother who has a wand he wants
1.04 Rumplestiltskin kills Cinderella's fairy godmother for her wand
1.04 Rumplestiltskin sends Cinderella to the ball for an undisclosed price
1.06 PC kills a dragon while posing as King George's son and win's hand of Abigail (King Midas' daughter) in marriage
1.06 PC's mother gives him a ring, telling him true love follows it.
1.03 As PC and Abigail are on their way to their new palace, SW steals PC's bag of jewels - including his mother's ring
1.03 SW sells the jewels to trolls for gold
1.03 PC tracks down SW and they defeat trolls to get back the jewels (and the gold)
1.03 PC and SW realize they love each other but go their separate ways without speaking about it
1.10 About a month after PC and SW deal with the trolls, SW gets potion to forget PC from Rumplestiltskin
1.10 SW gets letter from PC to come to him
1.09 EQ gets Hansel and Gretel to steal a special apple from a blind witch's house
1.10 King George captures SW - she meets Grumpy in his cells
1.10 King George tells SW he'll kill PC if she doesn't tell PC she doesn't love him
1.10 SW leaves with the 7 dwarves to live with them
1.09 EQ sees SW with dwarves in her mirror
1.10 SW drinks potion to forget PC moments before dwarves learn PC left Abigail
1.13 PC defeats a siren and gets water from Lake Nostos
1.13 Water from Lake Nostos frees Frederick so he can marry Abigail
1.13 PC learns SW loves him
1.13 PC and RRH go off to find SW
1.16 SW tries to kill EQ
1.16 PC stops SW and she remembers him
1.16 PC is captured by King George's men
1.16 SW and the 7 dwarves go off to free PC
1.16 Rumple combines hair from PC and SW to make true love potion
1.22 Rumplestiltskin puts a drop of true love potion onto the curse so SW's and PC's offspring will be the one that breaks it
1.02 EQ gets curse from Rumplestiltskin
1.01 EQ makes a trade with Maleficent - Rumplestiltskin's curse for Mal's sleeping curse
1.21 EQ convinces King George to let her have PC
1.21 SW, the dwarves, RRH, Granny, and fairies attack King George's castle
1.21 SW learns that PC is being held by EQ
1.21 SW meets EQ by Regina's childhood home and takes a bite of her apple to save PC - she collapses
1.22 The huntsman helps free PC from EQ
1.22 EQ casts PC into the infinite forest where he meets Rumplestiltskin
1.22 PC hides Rumplestiltskin's true-love potion inside Maleficent while she is in dragon form
1.22 Rumplestiltskin sends PC off to find SW
1.22 PC finds SW entombed in a glass coffin, surrounded by the 7 dwarves
1.01,22 PC kisses SW as she lays in her glass coffin and awakens her from apparent death
1.22 PC proposes to SW
1.22 PC and SW determine they must take back their kingdom to ensure their safety
2.03 During a squirmish between PC and King George's forces, SW is captured by KG's new general, Lancelot
2.03 King George curses SW so she'll never have children, then returns her to the woods where she was captured
2.03 Lancelot, unhappy about what King George has done to SW, comes to her aid
2.03 During an attack by King George's men on PC at his family home, PC's mother is shot with a poisoned arrow
2.03 PC, SW, PC's mother, and Lancelot journey to Lake Nostos to get water to heal PC's mother
2.03 PC's mother, knowing about SW's cursed condition, manages for SW to get the last sip of Lake Nostos water, healing SW
2.03 PC's mother dies while watching PC and SW being married in an informal ceremony performed by Lancelot
2.10 PC, SW and company defeat King George's forces and capture EQ
2.10 EQ is cursed to not be able to harm SW or PC while in the fairy-tale world and is banished from the kingdom
1.01 PC and SW are married in a formal ceremony in their castle
1.01 EQ threatens to take away all their happy endings
1.01 EQ steals curse back from Maleficent
2.09 Regina recruits Hook to kill Cora, enchanting his hook to be able to rip out one heart
2.09 Cora, who's heart isn't where it should be, convinces Hook to fool Regina into thinking she's dead
1.04 Cinderella and Prince Thomas are married
1.04 Rumplestiltskin tells Cinderella the price of her going to the ball is her first born
1.01 SW gets pregnant with Emma
1.04 Cinderella gets pregnant with Alexandra
1.01 EQ tries to cast curse but it fails
1.04 The royals hatch a plan to imprison Rumplestiltskin - Prince Thomas disappears
1.01 SW worries about curse and talks to Rumplestiltskin - he tells her Emma is key to breaking it
1.20 BF tells Geppetto she has a magic tree that will be able to save two people
1.20 Geppetto refuses to carve the magic tree unless Pinocchio can be one of the two that it can save
1.01 Blue fairy brings enchanted tree for Geppetto to build into a vessel to protect Emma
1.02 EQ visits Rumplestiltskin to learn why she failed in casting the curse
1.02 EQ kills her own father to get the missing component (heart) to cast the curse
1.02 EQ successfully casts the curse
2.09 Cora and Hook save a portion of EF so Cora can return to Regina after the curse is broken
1.20 Geppetto puts Pinocchio into the wardrobe before the curse hits
1.01 SW gives birth to Emma as EQ's forces are attacking just ahead of the oncoming curse
1.01 PC fights through enemy forces to put Emma in the magical wardrobe that sends Emma to our world ahead of the curse
1.01 PC is seriously wounded and unconscious when the curse hits
2.17 Kurt Flynn and his son Owen are camping on the outskirts of what will be SB when the curse hits
2.17 Regina, taken with Owen and bored with her victory, tries to convince Kurt to stay in SB
2.17 When Regina realizes Kurt and Owen are leaving town, she tries to stop them - Owen is able to run away but Kurt is caught
2.17 When Owen tries to bring the authorities back to SB to rescue his father, they can't see that there is anything of interest beyond the town's border
2.06 Emma becomes involved with a thief named Neal Cassady
2.06 August/Pinocchio convinces Neal to leave Emma so that she can fulfilled her destiny
2.06 Emma is discovered with stolen property from a robbery committed in Phoenix by Neal and sent to a minimum security prison there for 11 months
2.06 Neal gives August the yellow Volkswagen and $20k to give to Emma
2.06 Emma receives the keys to the yellow Volkswagen while in prison
1.08 Emma gives birth to Henry while she is in prison (story says she's 18, but she'd need to be 17)
1.02 Gold acquires baby Henry for Regina, whom she names after the father she murdered
1.01 On Emma's 28th birthday, Henry, the son she gave up for adoption 10 years ago, shows up at her door and asks her to come back to Storybrooke with him
1.01 Emma drops him off at home and tries to leave, but a wolf in the road stops her
1.01 After a confrontation with Regina, Emma decides to stay in town for a week
1.01 Time starts up again in Storybrooke when Emma is handed key to her room (with a swan on it)
2.18 August (Pinocchio) who is turning wood in Hong Kong, seeks out a magical healer named The Dragon
2.18 August, needing $10k for his magical healing, steals the money from another customer (Tamara)
2.18 Tamara finds August and takes back the magic potion, has it analyzed, and realizes it has no scientific properties - no elements at all
2.18 Tamara returns to The Dragon and kills him
2.18 Tamara sees August with Neal in NY and ingratiates herself with Neal after August leaves
1.02 Regina tries to get Emma to leave but it only makes Emma more determined to stay
1.02 It is evident that Gold knows more than Regina would like to think
1.03 Henry identifies coma patient John Doe as PC
1.03 Henry gets Emma to ask MM to read to comatose John Doe/PC
1.03 John Doe/PC wakes up delirious and goes into the woods looking for 'something'
1.03 Sheriff Graham, Emma, MM, and Henry find John Doe/PC by a stream under the toll bridge
1.03 MM kisses David and he wakes up
1.03 After they get John Doe/PC back to the hospital, Regina brings in a wife for him (Abigail/Kathryn) and identifies him as David Nolan
1.03 David doesn't have any memory of EF or SB
1.03 Emma moves in with MM
1.04 Sheriff Graham offers deputy sheriff job to Emma
1.04 Emma helps Cinderella/Ashley keep her baby by promising Gold a favor in the future
1.04 Prince Thomas/Sean returns to Ashley and their new baby, Alexandra
1.04 Emma calls Graham accepting the deputy position
1.04 It becomes apparent that Graham and EQ have a physical relationship
1.05 Henry points out to Archie that there are no crickets in SB
1.05 Sheriff Graham deputizes Emma. As soon as she puts on the badge, the ground shakes
1.05 The shaking was due to an unexplained explosion from some old mines
1.05 Regina grows angry when Henry questions why she wants to pave over the old mines
1.05 Regina demands that Archie take the fairytale curse delusion from Henry's mind
1.05 Henry grows angry at Archie when he call him delusional and runs into the mine
1.05 Henry finds a piece of SW's coffin, but doesn't know what it is.
1.05 Archie runs in to mine to save Henry and they make up
1.05 Emma saves Archie and Henry from the mine
1.05 Archie stands up to Regina and says he'll council Henry as it seems good to him
1.05 Crickets return to Storybrooke
1.05 We are shown that SW's glass coffin lies at the bottom of the old mine shaft.
1.06 David asks MM to meet him by the old toll bridge
1.06 On the way to meet MM, David stops into Gold's shop and see's windmill that gives him his SB memories
1.06 David tells MM that he needs to try to make his marriage to Abigail/Kathryn work
1.06 Dr Whale consoles MM and they have drinks together
1.07 Dr Whale and MM have a one-night stand
1.06 While on night duty, Emma catches Sheriff Graham sneaking out of Regina's house
1.07 Sheriff Graham kisses Emma which triggers some memories of his former life
1.07 Sheriff Graham goes to see Regina and dreams of more memories of his former life, telling her about them
1.07 Sheriff Graham sees the wolf from his dreams and tries to follow it into the woods
1.07 Sheriff Graham finds Gold in the woods with a shovel
1.07 Sheriff Graham then finds the wolf, which allows him to pet his head, flooding him with more former memories
1.07 Sheriff Graham talks to MM about his memories and she tells him about Henry's book and theory
1.07 Sheriff Graham talks to Henry and they identify him as the hunstman
1.07 Sheriff Graham and Emma follow wolf into woods to a crypt - one he has seen in his dreams
1.07 While looking for his heart in the crypt, Regina finds them and a fight ensues
1.07 Sheriff Graham breaks off relations with Regina
1.07 While tending Emma's wounds, she kisses Sheriff Graham. This gives him all his memories back from his former life
1.07 Regina goes to hidden chamber in vault and crushes his heart, killing Sheriff Graham
1.08 Emma runs for Sheriff against Regina's pick of Sidney
1.08 Gold sets fire to Town Hall to make Emma look like a hero
1.08 Emma reveals what Gold did at debate
1.08 Because folks see Emma stand up to Gold, they vote her into the Sheriff's position
1.08 Gold reveals that was his plan all along
1.08 Gold gives Emma Sheriff Graham's walkie talkies and old leather jacket
1.09 Emma lies to Henry about his father being a hero, dieing in a fire to save others
1.09 Emma finds the father of 2 homeless children and reunites them
1.09 A stranger arrives in town on a motorcycle
1.10 MM and David both go to Granny's Diner every morning to see each other for a few minutes
1.10 While trying to reunite a dove to its flock, MM and David admit to each other their love for each other
1.10 Emma talks to the stranger, learning he is a writer with a very old typewriter he carries on the back of his motorcycle
1.10 Even though David tells Kathryn he'll try to save their marriage, he and MM kiss in public outside Granny's diner.
1.11 Henry loses his book
1.11 MM and David meet for a romantic picnic
1.11 Sidney gets Emma to break into Mayor's office to dig up dirt
1.11 Regina threatens Emma with restraining order because of break-in
1.11 Sidney is revealed to have been working for the Mayor to set Emma up
1.11 The stranger finds Henry's book
1.12 Gold repossess Maurice/Moe's delivery van
1.12 Moe steals Belle's cup from Gold
1.12 During girl's night out Sean proposes to Ashley
1.12 Gold captures Moe
1.12 Emma stops Gold from beating Moe to death
1.12 While Gold is in jail, he tells Regina his name in exchange for Belle's cup
1.13 Kathryn is accepted into a Boston law school
1.13 David breaks it off with Kathryn
1.13 Regina tells Kathryn about David and MM's affair
1.13 Kathryn confronts MM
1.13 MM breaks it off with David
1.13 Stranger reveals name is August Wayne Booth
1.13 August forges his story into Henry's book
1.13 August takes Emma to well and relates legend of water returning lost items
1.13 August leaves book where Emma will find it
1.18 Gold makes a deal with Regina - DA drops Moe French assault case and he helps her with MM
1.13 Kathryn is missing from car accident near border
1.14 Leroy and MM help nuns sell candles
1.14 Emma investigates Kathryn's disappearance
1.14 Sidney gets phone records from Regina
1.14 Emma takes David in for questioning on phone call
1.15 David has a 'black-out' episode and wanders, delirious, through the woods
1.15 Ruby helps Emma find David in the woods
1.15 Ruby finds a heart in a jewelry box buried near toll bridge
1.16 SW arrested on suspicion of murdering Kathryn
1.16 Jewelry box containing heart is MM's
1.16 MM hires Gold as her lawyer for no fee
1.16 David sees Archie about his black-outs
1.16 Henry shows Emma Regina's key that unlocks MM's door
1.16 Emma knows Regina is framing MM
1.16 Archie hypnotizes David - he sees memory about Snow wanting to kill EQ
1.16 David questions MM about his memory, she tells him to get out
1.16 MM escapes from jail using one of Regina's keys hiden in her cell
1.17 MM & Emma are kidnapped by Jefferson
1.17 Jefferson tries to get Emma to believe in the curse
1.17 MM returns to jail before being found out by Regina
1.17 Regina isn't happy with the progress Gold is making with framing MM
1.17 Emma asks for Henry's book in the hopes of finding something to help MM
1.18 Sidney brings flowers to jail with bug concealed inside
1.18 Emma and August find piece of a shovel near the spot where heart was found
1.18 Emma and August sneak into Regina's garage and find matching shovel
1.18 Emma returns to Regina with search warrant
1.18 The shovel is no longer in the garage
1.18 Emma finds bug planted by Sidney
1.18 Kathryn found alive in alley behind Granny's diner
1.19 Regina realizes that Gold manipulated their deal so all evidence now points to her framing MM
1.19 Gold becomes suspicious of August's identity
1.19 Gold finds evidence that August is looking for the dagger that controls the Dark One
1.19 Emma confronts Sidney about the bug he planted and gives him an ultimatum - help her get Regina or go down with her
1.19 Gold follows August and learns from Mother Superior that he is in town to meet his father after a long absence
1.19 Gold and August meet in the woods - Gold thinks August is Bae
1.19 Gold and August dig up the Dark One's dagger
1.19 August tries to use the dagger on Gold
1.19 Gold realizes August isn't Bae and takes back the dagger
1.19 August reveals he will die without the help of magic
1.19 Sidney confesses to kidnapping Kathryn and framing MM
1.20 Henry notices that part of the Pinocchio story has been added to his book
1.20 Regina tries and fails to seduce David
1.20 August reveals to Emma that he is Pinocchio and that she is the town's only hope
1.20 Emma rejects his claims and refuses to be the town's savior
1.20 Emma drives off with Henry with the intent that they will both leave SB
1.21 Henry stops Emma from leaving town
1.21 Regina notices her apple tree is dying and realizes the curse is weakening
1.21 Gold tells Regina if she kills Emma, the curse will be broken
1.21 Regina gets Jefferson to help get her poisoned apple from the EF of the past
1.21 Regina bakes an apple turn-over with what's left of the EF apple
1.21 Emma comes to Regina, telling her she's leaving town but still wants to visit Henry
1.21 Regina gives Emma the apple turn-over as a parting 'gift'
1.21 Henry see the apple turn-over and takes a bite out of it to prove to Emma that the curse is real - he collapses
1.22 While Henry lays unconscious in the hospital, Emma takes his book and remembers - she now believes in the curse
1.22 Emma confronts Regina who says they need Gold to help find a way to break the curse
1.22 Gold tells them to get the true-love potion hidden inside Maleficent
1.22 August turns completely into a wooden puppet
1.22 Emma kills Maleficient in dragon form (hidden in caverns below the library) and gets the true-love potion
1.22 Gold tricks her into giving him the true-love potion
1.22 Jefferson frees Belle from the secure ward in the hospital and sends her to Gold
1.22 Emma and Regina go to the hospital where Henry has just died
1.22 Emma kisses Henry, he wakes up, and the curse is broken
1.22 Regina runs out after telling Henry she loves him
1.22 MM and David recoginize each other as SW and PC in town and reunite
1.22 Gold and Belle run to a well in the woods where Gold drops the true-love potion in to bring back magic
1.22 Magic comes to Storybrooke in the form of a purple cloud as the town's clock strikes 8:15 AM
2.04 We discover that the price of bringing magic to SB is that if anyone leaves town, they forget their former identity
2.01 SW and PC have a tearful reunion with Red, Granny and the 7 dwarves and a shakey reunion with Emma
2.01 Townsfolk led by Dr Whale go after Regina
2.01 At Henry's request, Emma, PC and SW stop the mob going after Regina
2.01 Regina is locked in prison for her and everyone's safety
2.01 Gold visits Regina in prison and forces a medalion in her hand, marking her as a target for a wraith
2.01 Gold summons the wraith out of the medalion and it goes after Regina, with the medalion now around its neck
2.01 Emma, PC and SW confront Gold and learn about the wraith going after Regina
2.01 Emma, PC and SW chase the wraith out of the jail
2.01 In the EF Philip, accompanied by Mulan, awakens Aurora from sleep with true-love's kiss
2.01 In SB Regina, Emma, PC and SW use Jefferson's hat to open a portal to trap the wraith
2.01 Emma is trapped in the portal with the wraith. SW jumps in after her
2.01 In the EF the wraith breaks through the ground in front of Philip, Mulan, and Aurora
2.01 Philip cuts the medalion from the wraith's neck and holds it, marking himself
2.01 In SB Regina and PC fight, but Henry stops her from killing PC
2.01 Henry tells Regina to leave people alone and goes to live with PC
2.01 In the EF Philip, Mulan, and Aurora start to travel to a safe haven
2.01 Philip's soul is taken by the wraith
2.01 Mulan and Aurora take Philip's lifeless body back to where Aurora had been trapped in sleep and lay him on her dias
2.01 Aurora takes the wraith's medalion in a pouch
2.01 Mulan searches the wreckage where the wraith came out and finds Emma and SW, blaming them for the appearance of the wraith
2.01 In NYC, a dove arrives bearing the message 'Broken' on a postcard with a picture of Storybrooke to an unknown young man
2.02 The seven dwarves send Sneezy out of SB's boarder to see what will happen
2.02 Sneezy loses his EF memories again
2.02 We are shown that August\Pinocchio is still completely wooden, but alive
2.02 Regina gets her old book of spells from Gold
2.02 Gold gives PC/David a potion to pour onto an object that will find its owner
2.02 Gold learns that if he leaves SB, he'll lose his EF memories
2.02 Regina regains the use of magic and forces Henry to come back and live with her
2.02 Jefferson tells PC/David that the EF is still in existance, but that he can't help them get there
2.02 PC/David convinces the panicked townsfolk to stay in SB
2.02 Henry reminds Regina of herself when she was young and decides to redeem herself
2.02 Regina sends Henry to live with PC/David until he decides he wants to come back
2.02 Six of the dwarves head to the mines to find fairy dust
2.02 In the EF, Emma and SW are led as captives to a small camp of survivors
2.02 Emma and SW are put into a cave-like holding cell
2.02 Cora is also in the cell with Emma and SW, still dressed as she was when she was pushed through the mirror
2.03 SW and Emma are let out of the holding cell and meet Lancelot who is leading in the survivor camp
2.03 SW, Emma, Mulan, and Aurora head to SW's castle to find the wardrobe
2.03 At SW's castle, Cora joins them posing as Lancelot
2.03 Emma sets the wardrobe on fire to keep it out of Cora's possession
2.03 After Emma and SW leave the castle, Cora returns to gather some ashes of the wardrobe
2.03 Jefferson and his daughter Grace reunite in SB
2.04 Belle discovers Gold is still doing magic
2.04 Belle tires of Gold not being honest with her and decides to get out on her own
2.04 Belle gets a room at Granny's and decides to check out the libarary for a job
2.04 While at the library, Belle is abducted by Smee and brought to her father
2.04 PC/David helps Gold investigate Belle's disappearance
2.04 Moe tries to send Belle through the mines past the town's limits to make her forget Rumplestiltskin, but Gold stops it
2.04 Belle tells both her father, Moe, and Rumplestiltskin she doesn't want to see either of them again
2.04 Gold gets Belle the key to the library and tells her about Bae and the curse - she responds by asking him out for a meal
2.04 In current day EF, Kilian and Cora meet to discuss how to get to SB
2.05 Emma, SW, Mulan, and Aurora discover the survivor camp destroyed by Cora - the only survivor being Hook
2.05 Regina starts seeing Archie for counseling on her attempt to stop using magic
2.05 Dr Whale (AKA Dr Victor Frankenstein) brings Daniel back from the dead
2.05 Daniel is a monster - Regina uses magic to freeze Daniel then turns him to dust
2.05 Hook leads the Emma, SW, Mulan, and Aurora to a beanstalk - he and Emma begin to climb it to find an enchanted compass
2.06 Emma talks the giant into giving her the enchanted compass and detaining Hook while she escapes
2.06 Aurora and Henry have a shared nightmare as an after affect of the sleeping curse
2.07 The dwarves find diamonds that can be made into fairy dust in the mines under SB
2.07 Billy the tow truck driver is revealed to be Gus the Mouse from the Cinderella story
2.07 Spencer/KG kills Billy/Gus during the full moon to frame Ruby/Red
2.07 Aurora and Henry have a second shared dream, this time Henry wakes up with a burn on his hand from the fire in the dream room
2.07 Gold gives Henry a charm/potion that will allow him to control himself in the dream room
2.07 PC finds evidence that Spencer/KG killed Billy and proves to the town that Ruby can control herself as the wolf
2.07 Spencer/KG destroys Jefferson's hat in a fire
2.07 Aurora and Henry have a third shared dream, this time Henry was able to put out the flames and they are able to communicate
2.08 In another shared dream, Henry learns that SW and Emma are alive, but that they are being hindered by Cora
2.08 Gold reveals that it wasn't the quill that captured him, but the ink, and that there is some of the ink in his jail cell in EF
2.08 In an attempt to share this information with Aurora, Henry is seriously burned
2.08 To keep Henry safe, David puts himself under a sleep spell so he can convey the information to SW
2.08 Hook rips out Aurora's heart and gives it to Cora, so she now controls her
2.09 Gold steals all the fairy dust diamonds to kill anyone who comes through the portal from EF
2.09 Henry convinces Regina to diffuse the trap set up by Gold on the portal
2.09 Mulan obtains Aurora's heart from Hook and returns it to her body
2.09 Mulan and Aurora set out to free Philip's soul
2.09 Emma and SW defeat Cora and Hook and portal back to SB
2.09 SW successfully wakens David from the sleep spell with true love's kiss
2.09 Hook and Cora arrive in Storybrook using a magic bean and his ship
2.10 Cora kills a townsperson while disguised as Regina - making the corpse appear to be Archie
2.10 Emma believes Regina is innocent until Gold prompts her to use magic to see what Archie's dog, Pongo, saw
2.10 Regina evades capture by using magic
2.10 Cora presents Archie to Hook so he can question him about Gold
2.11 Gold successfully tests a potion on Smee's hat to see if Smee can cross the town border and still remember who he is
2.11 Hook and Smee steal Bae's cloak that Gold has kept and needs to cross the town border
2.11 Gold turns Smee into a rat
2.11 Belle, armed with a pistol given her by Gold, finds Hook's ship and frees Archie
2.11 Hook gets Belle's pistol, but Gold and Belle get Bae's cloak
2.11 Archie reveals himself to Emma and Henry - they know Regina is innocent and that Cora is in town
2.11 While Gold crosses the town's border with Bae's cloak, Hook shoots Belle making her fall across the town's border
2.11 As Gold is about to toss a fireball at Hook, Hook is hit by a car with Pennsylvania plates speeding into town
2.12 Gold heals Belle's physical injuries but she doesn't remember her EF past
2.12 With the injured in the SB hospital, Dr Whale has a crisis of confidence in treating the stranger who has internal bleeding
2.12 Ruby catches Dr Whale just as he's going to jump in the ocean and councels him about his 'monster' background
2.12 Dr Whale successfully treats the injured stranger, who lies when telling Emma he didn't see anything before the accident
2.12 Cora begins to manipulate Regina into letting her back into her life
2.12 Gold cashes in his favor with Emma, informing her they will leave SB to find Bae
2.13 Gold, Emma, and Henry board a plane to find Bae
2.13 In an effort to find Cora, David and SW make Hook take them to his ship
2.13 Cora had Anton the giant in shrunken form caged on the ship who flies into a rage when he sees David
2.13 Regina learns of the escaped Anton, seeks him out, and temporarily returns him to his original large size
2.13 While attempting to kill David, Anton falls through a weak spot in the pavement and returns to his original size
2.13 David and the dwarves help Anton out of the hole he's in and befriend him
2.13 The dwarves and Anton set out to grow more magic beans
2.14 Gold, Emma, and Henry find Bae who turns out to be Emma's old flame and Henry's father, Neal
2.14 Regina goes through Belle's belongings in the hospital using magic, and is seen and recorded by the recovering outsider (Greg)
2.14 Regina and Cora find a map in the library that leads to Rumplestiltskin's dagger
2.14 Cora betrays Hook - ending their partnership
2.14 The recovering outsider (Greg) emails the recording of Regina's magic to someone on the outside ('Her')
2.15 Hook recovers his hook, finds Gold in Manhattan, and stabs him in the heart
2.15 While rushing to a vehicle to take them all to Hook's ship, Emma meets Neal's (Bae) fiancee, Tamara
2.15 SW and PC find Rumplestiltskin's dagger, but Cora and Regina manage to trick it away from them
2.16 SW uses dark magic to curse Cora's heart and convinces Regina to put it back into her mother's body
2.16 Cora dies causing Gold to fully recover from his wounds
2.16 Regina knows it was SW that cursed Cora's heart and is fully out for revenge
2.17 Regina attempts to get SW's heart to cast a curse to make Henry love her
2.17 Henry tries to blow up the Nostos well in an attempt to get rid of magic
2.17 Regina stops Henry and destroys the curse she was going to cast
2.17 SW asks Regina to kill her - Regina takes her heart which has a black spot
2.17 Regina puts SW's heart back - deciding her revenge will be to let SW ruin her own family
2.18 SW discovers August living in a trailer in the woods near SB
2.18 Neal's fiancee, Tamara, comes to SB and finds August in his trailer
2.18 Tamara lures August out of town, telling him the potion from The Dragon is in her apartment in NY
2.18 August learns that Tamara killed The Dragon in Hong Kong and returns to SB to warn Emma
2.18 Tamara kill August before he can warn anyone about her
2.18 The wooden August turns back into the real-child Pinocchio with the aid of the Blue Fairy
2.18 Regina confronts Greg about him being the grown Owen the beginning of SB and tells him to leave town
2.18 Tamara goes to Greg's room - it's evident that they have a romantic relationship and that she is the 'Her' on his phone
2.19 Regina curses Belle with false memories of being a floozy named Lacey
2.19 Emma and Regina find out that the dwarves and Anton are growing magic beans
2.19 Gold wins over Lacey by showing his dark side
2.19 Tamara and Greg sneak Hook back into town in bonds
2.20 Emma knows Tamara can't be trusted and suspects that she is the one that August tried to warn her about
2.20 Hook helps Tamara and Greg disable and capture Regina and confiscate 3 magic beans and a black diamond that will trigger the destruction of SB
2.21 Neal, SW, PC, and Emma discover where Regina is being held, but during the rescue, Neal is shot and sent through a magic bean portal
2.22 Tamara and Greg set off the black diamond trigger which begins SB's transformation to it's pre-curse state
2.22 Belle and Sneezy regain their pre-curse memories from a potion given them by the BF
2.22 While Emma and Regina diffuse the black diamond trigger, Tamara and Greg kidnap Henry and take him to NNL
2.22 Gold gives Belle a spell to protect the town from any more intrusions before he and Henry's entire disfunctional family (sans Neal) head to NNL on Hook's ship to rescue Henry
2.22 Neal is discovered in the EF by Mulan, Philip, and Aurora - he's gravely wounded but still alive

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