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    Post by Ranna156

    Dwarves are similar to humans in appearance although smaller in size. There are only male dwarves and they hatch from eggs, but it is unclear where the eggs come from. They emerge from the eggs fully grown, knowing how to speak, walk, mine, etc. They get their names from an axe they are given and the axe never lies.

    Bossy tells Dreamy that dwarfs don’t get married, they don’t fall in love, & they don’t have children. He also says that they love to work and they even whistle while they do it! Their work consists of mining the diamonds that get crushed into the fairy dust which gives light/powers the world.

    Before Dreamy hatched, a clumsy fairy, Nova, inadvertently spilled some fairy dust onto his egg. It was because of this ‘accident’ that Dreamy became an exception to several of the norms of dwarves. The most notable exception being that dwarfs don’t fall in love because he fell in love with Nova. After the Blue Fairy & Bossy talk him out of running off with her, Dreamy breaks his axe. The new axe bestows the name ‘Grumpy’ onto him.

    First seen hatching in Episode 114 - Dreamy
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